448. watermelon iced tea

November 2, 2014mayurisjikoni

too hot

The past few days have been so hot and humid. I am completely zapped of any energy by afternoon. Usually around this time of the year it begins to get hot but at the same time we get a lovely breeze too. However, this year things are different. The weather is changing. It’s all to do with global warming. Our greed for better homes, infra structures and better goods is all destroying our environment. Trees are disappearing at an alarming rate. 3 years ago when we moved to the apartments we are living in at present, we could see lots of trees from any of the windows you may choose to look out from. More building and second hand car yards are destroying the trees. Some of the newer apartments coming up are trying to leave a few trees but the second hand car yards are chopping down neem, mango and coconut trees. For a town (its officially classified as a city) like Mombasa, its baffling to see every second business is selling second hand cars. The roads are narrow, infra structure is not able to accommodate so many vehicles but yet it seems to be a booming business. The environment can become better if big business establishments, institutions, builders and developers take up the task of planting more trees. Lions Clubs in Mombasa do plant trees but that’s not enough. More and more people need to want a greener and more healthier environment for this to work. A handful of people fighting for the environment is not enough.
Coming to the recipe, to beat the heat, I wanted to make something really cold and something that would quench the thirst. Initially I thought just plain old water melon juice, but then I thought of making it with cold tea. The end result was cooling, a different satisfying taste and thirst quenching.



Serves 2

1 cup watermelon juice
10 -12 mint or basil leaves
1 cup water
1 tea bag
2 tsp sugar
a pinch of salt

ice cubes to serve
1-2 tbsp of finely chopped watermelon (optional)

  1. Boil the water.
  2. Add tea and mint or basil leaves. Cover and let the tea steep for 5 minutes.
  3. Remove the tea bag. Leave for extra 5 minutes if you want a stronger tea flavour.
  4. Let the tea cool down a bit.
  5. Add the sugar, salt and water melon juice.
  6. Mix and chill till required.
  7. Remove the leaves.
  8. To serve, add ice cubes to the glass and pour the iced tea over it.
  9. Add finely chopped watermelon and decorate with  mint or basil leaves and serve.
  • If you don’t have tea bags, use loose tea leaves about ½-¾ tsp. Strain the mixture after 5 minutes.
  • Use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar or use honey.
  • I made this with basil leaves also and its tastes delicious.
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