• Laknavi Kofta Curry

    October 1, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Laknavi Kofta Curry Laknavi Kofta Curry is fried potato and greens dumplings in a rich creamy sauce that is made using yogurt, milk and cream. This delicious, flavourful, creamy curry is quite different from the usual tomato onion based sauces or curries. Laknavi refers to Lucknow. Though it is a city, here it refers to the type of cuisine. Awadhi is the actual cuisine name but since the present day city Lucknow was situated in Awadh, the cuisine is often referred to as Lucknowi or Laknavi. Memories – A Tribute To Tarla Dalal November 6th 2013, I was busy watching telly when I got a message from my friend informing me about the passing away of  Tarla Dalal. The rest of the evening I…

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  • Methi Corn Malai

    September 28, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Methi Corn Malai Methi Corn Malai or Methi Makai Malai is a a rich creamy curry or sabji made using fresh corn and fenugreek. Methi is fresh fenugreek and malai translates as cream. The rich creaminess of the curry base comes from the use of nut powder and fresh cream. I highly recommend that you use fresh or frozen methi and corn for this recipe. Using dried methi leaves does not add the same flavour.   My Method Of Making Methi Corn Malai Once the ingredients are ready, this methi corn malai comes together within 15 minutes. It is because of how I make it a bit different from the traditional method. Usually chopped tomatoes are stir fried till they become soft. Instead I…

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  • Dal Tadka |Moong Dal

    September 8, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Dal Tadka |Moong Dal Dal Tadka |Moong Dal is a comforting, healthy, protein rich and hearty lentil dish. Mostly enjoyed with rice or roti, it is an easy dal to make. Dal is lentils and tadka is tempering. After preparing the dal, a tempering or vaghar is added on top before serving. The added garlic and smokey flavour of red chilli powder enhances the overall flavour of this dish. For my family, dal tadka and roti is a quick go to recipe for those lazy Sunday evenings or when one needs to make something in a jiffy. While soaking the dal has its advantages, you can make it without soaking it. However, it will take a bit longer to cook.  Allowing the dal to…

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  • Stir Fried Pak Choy

    September 1, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Stir Fried Pak Choy This Stir Fried Pak Choy served with a delicious garlic sauce is good  to enjoy on its own. Healthy and crunchy, you can also enjoy it as a side with some stir fried rice/noodles. Memories First time I ever tasted pak choy was  our local Chinese Restaurant in Mombasa, Galaxy. The pak choy was chopped into large chunks and stir fried with green beans and snow peas. Loved the grassy, slightly bitter taste of it.  I am sure they must be getting their supply of pak choy from Nairobi as we don’t get it in the stores. During a trip to Nairobi, I brought back pak choy and tofu as I had this stir fry recipe in mind that I…

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  • Paneer Kundan Kaliyan

    August 25, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Paneer Kundan Kaliyan Paneer Kundan Kaliyan is a luscious, aromatic and flavourful vegetarian delicacy from the Awadhi Cuisine. Paneer Cubes are cooked in a subtly spiced gravy made of yogurt, cream and tomatoes. Dried rose petals, rose water and saffron add a delicate fragrance and taste. Kundan Kaliya/kaliyan translates as golden meat. Kaliya refers to mutton. Sharing This Recipe With Foodies_Redoing Old Posts I am now losing count of how many posts I have been able to update or redo because of this group. It definitely must be around 95 or so. For the 108th one, I decided to redo Paneer Kundan Kaliyan. Specifically because the festival season has begun in India. And thought it would be a good time to share this exotic…

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  • Navajo Fry Bread

    August 13, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Navajo Fry Bread An easy bread recipe, Navajo Fry Bread is delightful as a savoury or sweet snack. Or make Indian Taco and enjoy it as a main meal. This bubbly fry bread requires just a few ingredients. Don’t have to knead the dough like we do for normal breads. What Is Navajo Fry Bread? It is the traditional deep fried bread of the Navajo People in America. According to the Navajo tradition, fry bread was created from the ingredients ( flour, lard, sugar, salt) given by the US government when the natives were relocated to Bosque Redondo, New Mexico from Arizona in 1864. It is quite easy to find Navajo (pronounced as Nava -ho) Fry Bread at fairs, carnivals in most parts of…

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  • Caprese Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

    August 11, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Caprese Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms Caprese Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms is piled with the key ingredients from a caprese salad on top of  garlicky buttery mushroom caps and broiled. It serves as an excellent side dish. It also makes a satisfying, delicious main meal for vegetarians. Basic caprese ingredients – tomatoes, mozzarella and basil are used for this dish. Depending on the size of mushrooms I get, usually 1 or 2 or enough as a main meal served with a bit of pasta or quinoa. What Are Portobello Mushrooms? Known as Portobello, Portabella, Portabella, or Portabello, these mushrooms are basically the larger relatives of the white button and crimini. The cap can range in size from 3 inches to 6 inches. Portabella mushrooms have a rich,…

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  • Lemon Linguine

    July 23, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Lemon Linguine Lemon Linguine or classic Italian linguine al limone is one of the easiest, most flavourful pasta dish that comes together in 10 minutes. All you need is some pasta, lemon, good quality parmesan cheese, salt, garlic and a bit of pepper. Add herbs of your choice. Don’t want to add heavy cream then go for some milk. And a quick, delicious, summery pasta dish is ready in no time. Pasta with lemon sauce is one of my favourite ways to enjoy pasta. Frankly, I am a big fan of pasta and therefore it is on the menu at least once a week if not more. I like to try out different flavours and sauces for my pasta dish.   Memories The first…

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  • Mexican Rice

    July 16, 2023mayurisjikoni

    What is Mexican Rice? As such traditional Mexican Cuisine didn’t feature rice on their menu. Corn was the staple at that time till the Spanish Colonizers introduced rice in Mexico around the 1520s.  It was prepared in a similar way to the Spanish Rice but instead of saffron, cumin and red chili were used. Thus the main difference in the rice is the colour, while Spanish rice is yellow, Mexican rice is orange reddish. These days Mexican rice is served as a side dish with tacos, enchiladas, quesadilla, chili con carne, as stuffing for burritos, with soups,etc. Main ingredients for a Mexican rice are onion, garlic and tomatoes. This rice dish that I have prepared is more from the Tex-Mex Cuisine. Popularly known as red…

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  • Chilli Garlic Pasta

    July 15, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Chilli Garlic Pasta Chilli Garlic Pasta is an easy, quick and flavourful pasta dish that comes together within 10-12 minutes. While the pasta is boiling, get the green chilli, garlic and olive oil base ready. This is my go to dish when I don’t want to spend too much time cooking, need a meal in front of the telly or for those lazy days when I don’t want to cook elaborate meals. Memories This recipe first came alive in my kitchen one extremely lazy Sunday evening. Didn’t want to get dressed and go out for a meal. Back then who had heard of home deliveries. Suggestions were thrown around … cereal, toast and tea, popcorn, no meal, etc. Hubby suggested pasta. I was in …

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