• Kerstkransjes – Dutch Christmas Cookies

    December 3, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Kerstkransjes – Dutch Christmas Cookies Kerstkransjes, Dutch Christmas Cookies are the cutest, easiest cookies I’ve baked. These cookies are unique in that they are traditionally wreath shaped and hung on Christmas trees. How cute is that! With lemon zest they are flavourful and the topping adds a bit of a crunch. Melt in the mouth kind of cookies, you can bake them with your kids. They can help with the topping and cutting the cookies. Memories The first time I baked these cookies were in Dec 2015. Hubby and I were going to Dubai to visit our son for Christmas. It also meant that we would be spending our first Christmas with our daughter in law. She loves cookies and I wanted to take…

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  • Ginger Cookies

    December 1, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Ginger Cookies Ginger Cookies, ginger snaps or simply ginger nuts are made with ginger powder along with some golden syrup. These cookies tend to be slightly hard, making them ‘dunkable’ in  milk, tea or coffee. They are quite different from the classic gingerbread cookies that are usually baked during Christmas time. Gingerbread cookies have a mixture of spices and tend to be soft and chewy. These ginger cookies are not chewy as they not contain eggs. The recipe below is a small batch recipe. To bake more, simply double triple the recipe as per your need. Memories My mum was not into baking a variety of cookies but then who did bake so much back then. She would only make Kenyan Biscuits and that…

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  • Clementine Cheesecake

    November 19, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Clementine Cheesecake Clementine Cheesecake is a sweet and tangy easy to make, creamy, delicious dessert that will definitely impress your guests at any party. I made the mini version for my Diwali party. The reason I did that is because I had several dessert and Indian sweet options. By making them all mini or small, I wanted my guests to taste them all. Worked out perfectly except that I couldn’t remove the base of those mini tart molds. But they didn’t mind that. Go ahead and make it for your Christmas Party. I know I am along with my Clementine Cookies. Next time I will definitely be using a 4 inch spring form cake tin or may just have to buy mini cheesecake molds.…

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  • Kahk – Egyptian Cookies

    November 5, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Kahk -Egyptian Cookies Kahk are traditional Egyptian Cookies that are generally baked during Eid. These cookies are amazingly tasty with a fabulous fine crumb, melt in the mouth texture, and aromatic. They are baked plain or with a filling. And believe me both taste so good. You’ll not be able to stop at one. Best part is that they are not overly sweet. Whenever I come across a recipe that I like, I tend to pin to my Pinterest Board called Must Try. Most pins just sit there some for several years. Egyptian Eid Cookies as they are also known as is one of them. Sharing This Recipe With Sunday Funday Group Wendy who blogs at A Day in the Life on the Farm…

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  • Poha Phirni

    November 3, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Actuall Recipe: Poha Phirni Poha Phirni is a gluten free rich creamy pudding made by using rice flakes and full fat milk. To make it  more healthy and filling I love to add mixed fresh fruits and nuts to it. This recipe as such is not a traditional Indian dessert or mithai as generally poha is used for savoury dishes like Vegetable Poha. So how did I think of using rice flakes or poha for a milk pudding? Well, I had come across this recipe on the Tarla Dalal website. I first tried out the recipe as per the recipe for Sharad Poornima. Usually Gujaratis prepare Doodh Poha on this auspicious day. I wanted to make something different. Over time I did away with the…

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  • Date Bark – Viral Recipe

    October 27, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Date Bark – Viral Recipe Date Bark – Viral Recipe is one of the easiest and quickest dessert recipe I have tried. Basically you need 4 basic ingredients to make this delicious and healthy sweet treat. It does taste a bit like Snickers without all that refined sugar. Whenever I buy a fresh batch of dates, I make Date Coconut Energy balls. So this date bark is a much needed change. Why Date Bark For The Theme Healthy Desserts? Well, I first came across the viral Tiktok video sometime in September 2023. And I thought, well this is something hubby and I may like as we always crave for some chocolate after our meal. Had all the ingredients at hand so went ahead and…

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  • Marble | Swirl Cookies

    October 6, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Marble | Swirl Cookies Marble | Swirl Cookies are soft buttery, chocolatey and easy to make. Perfect cookies to bake for festivals, parties, or as every day tea time treat. What I like about these cookie recipe is the versatility. Make them into swirl cookies, which is a bit time consuming but very pretty. Or make them into marble cookies where you gently roll the vanilla and chocolate dough together to create random patterns. Play with colours and instead of chocolate make them more festive by adding edible colour to one part of the dough. Leave the dough in the freezer and bake as and when you want them. Memories I seriously cannot remember the number of times I’ve baked these cookies when my…

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  • Fruit Tartlets

    September 3, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Fruit Tartlets Fruit tartlets are finger food pastries as the baked tarts are small. They are filled with cream cheese, fresh cream, lemon curd or custard and lots of fresh fruit. These tartlets are ideal as dessert for parties or even as a tea time treat. Fruit tartlets never fail to wow my guests. And what I love about them is that you can fill them with any seasonal fruit. For kids I’ve filled them with jelly and fruits. If you are a bit apprehensive about making the sweet shortcrust pastry at home, by all means use ready made one. I try and avoid using ready made ones as I am not sure what kind of fat might be used to make the dough.…

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  • Chocolate Coated Banana

    August 27, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Chocolate Coated Banana Chocolate Coated Banana is a fun, easy to make, healthy treat and so delicious. This is one dessert little helpers will have fun making during summer. Cut the banana into bite size pieces or cut them into halves. Whichever you prefer. If you dip half cut bananas in the melted chocolate then you will need to insert a popsicle stick. Memories I’d not tasted chocolate coated bananas before. Had the opportunity to taste it for the first time during one of my trips to Montreal years ago. During a hot summer day my son decided to take us to the Old Port area. It was bustling with people, many food trucks were around selling food, and stalls selling hats, sunglasses, souvenirs,…

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  • Sooji Phirni

    August 24, 2023mayurisjikoni

    Recipe: Sooji Phirni | Kashmiri Suji Phirni | Kong Phirin Sooji Phirni is a traditional Kashmiri dessert made using semolina instead of rice. It turns our so aromatic and flavourful because of saffron. Full fat milk lands to the creamy texture of this sweet dish. And the best part is that it is easy to make. Additional advantage is that it can be made a day ahead if you’re going to serve for any festival. Memories: In fact, I had first made sooji phirni to celebrate Vasant Panchami and posted it on 30/01/2017. Back then the photos I had taken were not too good. With the upcoming festive season, I decided to redo the post with better photos, an addition of a video and also…

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