Indian Flatbreads

September 1, 2018mayurisjikoni


India and the rest of the sub-continent has a huge variety of flatbreads both traditional and modern, right from bajri na rotla to chinese stuffed parathas. The options are endless. What are Flatbreads?

Flatbreads are basically flat breads that are generally not leavened but a few are to some extend like naans, pizza, pita bread etc. Flatbreads are usually made from flour which can range from wheat to millet flours.

Flatbreads can be simple and basic like roti or chapati where the dough is made by using flour and water. Some can be stuffed with vegetables, fruits, meats or cheese. Parathas are pretty simple, the dough is made using flour, water and sometimes salt is added. These are fried on a pan with little oil or ghee.

Then there are the more exotic flatbreads like naans, sheermal, taftan which are usually used to mop up thick gravy based curries.

Puffed up bhatures, puris batti, litti are also considered flatbreads.

For the month of September I’m taking part in the Mega Blogging Marathon and the theme is flatbreads. To know more about the Blogging Marathon and the Mega Blogging Marathon check out Srivalli’s page here. We had 3 options:

  • International Flatbreads
  • Indian Flatbreads where batter is used e.g dosa
  • Indian Flatbreads where no batter is used but instead the flatbread has to be made from a dough which can be rolled or patted.

I have chosen to participate in the 3rd option and I’ll be taking you through some traditional Indian Flatbreads. What is the most difficult part of this challenge? The compulsion to make flatbreads according to the alphabet, so basically A-Z.

In the meantime check out the Indian Flatbreads I have on my blog so far.

indian flatbreadFrom top left to right:

Thepla –Gujarat

Atta ke Bhature – Himachal Pradesh

Sheermal – Mughlai Cuisine, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh

2nd Row left to right:

Taftan – Uttar Pradesh

Bajri Dhebra – Gujarati

3rd Row left to right:

Bajri Aloo Parathe –  Haryana

Aloo Paratha – North India

Sattu ke Parathe – Bihar, Uttar Pradesh

Last row left to right:

Ghari Rotli/Puran Puri/Puran Poli – Gujarat, Maharashtra

Arbi ke parathe – Northern India

Keep checking this blog for more Indian Flatbreads beginning from 2nd Sept.



  • Monika

    September 2, 2018 at 9:25 pm

    Never suspected there were so many varieties of flatbreads! I feel enlightened:)

    1. mayurisjikoni

      September 2, 2018 at 10:12 pm

      Thanks Monika, there are so many more that even I am amazed!

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