• Bajri Methi Dhebra (Vada)

    August 5, 2013mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: FOODIES_ REDOING OLD POSTS #25 For this event, Foodies_Redoing Old Posts my 25th re done recipe is BAJRI METHI DHEBRA. What is the group Foodies _Redoing Old Posts all about? Before discussing what Dhebra is or are, lets me explain a bit about this group. Updating posts with better photos or better write up or both is  what the group Foodies_Redoing Old Posts started by Renu allows us to do. The advantage of rewriting the post in a better manner makes it more SEO friendly and good photos is what attracts your fans to check out the recipe. We’re on our 25th week, and am glad to say haven’t missed any so far and also as of today I have 25 updated recipes. Yayyy!…

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  • Moora Ni Bhaji/ Radish Stir Fry

    August 3, 2013mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: FOODIES_REDOING OLD POSTS RECIPE: MOORA NI BHAJI/ RADISH STIR FRY Moora Ni Bhaji is an easy to make, delicious, vegan vegetable that is usually served with some khichdi and kadhi. Or you can serve it with hot roti. White Radish are readily available during  winter. The succulent tap roots and the fresh green leaves allows one to cook the shaak, sabji or side dish in no time.    An Unusual Veggie White long tapering roots, full of crunchiness and healthy minerals. I am praising the humble white radish, mooli or moora, daikon, oriental radish, Chinese radish. It is the most under appreciated vegetable in spite of all its health benefits. Eating radish regularly helps to cleanse the kidney helps to sooth sore throats fights…

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  • Kanda Keri Nu Kachumber

    July 18, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Kanda Keri Nu Kachumber Kanda Keri Nu Kachumber or Mango Onion Salad is a simple but bursting with flavors kind of salad. Enjoy it as a part of your main meal, or with some khichdi or on its own as a snack. Healthy, its the best way to enjoy semi ripe mango during the summer season. Kanda is the Gujarati word for onion, keri is mango and kachumber is salad. Memories I remember whenever we visited my aunt (Manju Aunty) in Mombasa during the Christmas Holidays, kanda keri nu kachumber was always served with our lunch. After all, back then Mombasa was famous for its mangoes, coconuts, cassava and cashew nuts. During our visit to Mombasa, we would stay at my aunt’s (foi) place for…

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  • Gujarati Steamed Muthiya

    July 11, 2013mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: FOODIES_REDOING OLD POSTS RECIPE: GUJARATI STEAMED MUTHIYA Gujarati Steamed Muthiya is a delicious, easy to make and versatile snack. Usually, muthiya or muthia is steamed, cut into pieces and then stir fried with tempering ingredients. Versatile because you can add different vegetables to the basic dough, you can add diferent flours too. What is Muthiya/ Muthia? The name muthiya comes from the fact that the dough is shaped in the fist, muthi. Generally, deep fried ones are added to sabji or shaak like in undhiyu.  I like to add fried muthiya to my matar valor nu shaak, or in tuvar nu shaak. Enjoy steaming hot muthiya without the tempering or vaghar with some lemon juice and oil drizzled over it. Personally, I prefer to…

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  • 295. Paan turia nu shaak

    July 1, 2013mayurisjikoni

    No one makes it like Nunu My sister in law sent me some huge arvi paan (taro, colocasia, elephant ears, arbi leaves) a few days ago. I made normal arvi paan bhajia with some and left 2 huge leaves to make a long forgotten shaak (curry). My mother in law Nunu, would make it whenever we had guests over and obviously everyone would pick out the arvi paan and leave the turia (ridge gourd). When I got married and came to Mombasa, there were endless rounds of lunches and dinners we were invited to. One such dinner was hosted by my hubby’s best man’s family. Since his wife (P) was a working woman, my mother in law volunteered to make one dish to help her…

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  • Fresh Tuvar/Lilva Kachori

    June 17, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Updated 13th June 2020 Happy Father’s Day Dad June – 2016 Though Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates by different countries, the one that is commonly celebrated by most people is the Sunday that falls during the third week of June. I cannot remember the last time I celebrated Father’s Day with my Dad as we live a sea and ocean apart. However, that doesn’t stop me from making his favourite food on this special day. However, whenever we visit him or he comes to visit me, I try and make most of his favourite dishes. Like my father in law he loves all the Gujarati style Farsan which are fresh snacks that are generally enjoyed during tea time or as an accompaniment to…

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  • Moong Dal Dhokla

    June 13, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Updated Post Re-doing Moong Dal Dhokla but the recipe still remains the same. I’ve updated the write up as I get people asking me the difference between dhokla and khaman. Also, being my favorite snack, I was totally appalled at the first photos I’d taken! What is Dhokla? Dhokla, Dhokra is a famous snack from the state of Gujarat. Usually a flavored batter of rice and chickpea lentils (chana dal) is fermented and them steamed. Commonly served as a snack on its own as a part of breakfast or tea time meal, it also is served as a part of the Thali meal which includes shaaks (vegetables side dishes), curry (khadi, dal, moong, etc), flatbreads (poori, rotli, rotla), rice, farsan (that’s what snacks are called…

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  • Matar Turia Nu Shaak

    May 31, 2013mayurisjikoni

    What is Matar Turia Nu Shaak? Matar is the Hindi/ Gujarati word for peas and Turia is Ridge Gourd. Matar Turia Nu Shaak is simply a mixture of both stir fried together with simple spices. This stir fry, sabji, sabzi or shaak is usually enjoyed as a part of a meal. The meal can consist of a flatbread like roti, phulka and dal or as my family loves with khichdi and kadhi.   What is Turia? Known as Turia, Turiya, Turai or  Ridge Gourd, it is a dark green ridged long vegetable. Generally used to make stir fries, chutneys or added to dals (curries) and rice dishes. Usually the ridge part is peeled before cutting the vegetable. Some like to peel the skin of completely…

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  • 278.sun dried vadi onion shaak

    May 30, 2013mayurisjikoni

    An exotic dish I made vadi and onion vegetable a few days ago. Ajay got excited and commented that I made an exotic dish. It has been eons since I last make vadi doongri nu shaak. I remember helping my mum to make huge quantities of vadis. In India and Kenya, vadis are traditionally made during summer or hot season, dried in the sun and stored for future use.What are vadis you may ask? Vadis are basically lentil chunks dried in the sun. The types of lentils used to make the vadis differs, depending on the region of India. Punjabis usually make it out of moong dal (split green gram lentils) or urad dal (split black gram lentils). Usually the ones made in Gujarat are…

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  • 276. brinjal potato shaak/vegetable

    May 28, 2013mayurisjikoni

    a very common shaak At the moment most of the green vegetables or rather the indian vegetables are priced sky high. Nothing costs less than Ksh 200 and it does get a bit frustating especially even after paying so much, the freshness of the vegetable is missing. The greengrocers complain that they have no choice as their lorries are getting stuck for long periods because of the axle weight issue the government is trying to sort out with the transport companies. Yesterday, I didn’t get any fresh vegetables so landed up buying some brinjals. Not that they too were absolutely fresh but anyway looked better than the rest. So, I decided to make the most common shaak, ringad bateta nu shaak i.e. brinjal potato vegetable.…

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