Valentines Day Recipes

February 11, 2016mayurisjikoni
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Happy Valentines Day

Here are some desserts you can make for Valentines Day or for any special occasion in your life. Simple to make and an absolute treat, go on try them.

Happy Valentines Day and spread love.

Pomegranate and vanilla panna cotta –

For this dessert I’ve used fresh natural juice and as a result the pomegranate jelly is not dark pink.

Cardamom chocolate fudge – 

Haven’t made anything as yet for Valentines Day? Try out this easy chocolate recipe.

Eggless chocolate crepes with strawberries –

Give your loved ones a special treat, make chocolate crepes and stuff it with strawberries and cream. What a beautiful breakfast or dessert treat.

Strawberry frozen yogurt – 

This frozen yogurt turns out so creamy and delicious. I’ve used frozen fresh strawberries but you can easily replace them with unfrozen ones.

Strawberry oreo cheesecake –

I opted not to use any food coloring for the cheesecake. As a result the cheesecake is a really soft pink colour, but rest assured the taste has not been compromised. With Oreo strawberries pair very well.

Beetroot red velvet muffins (eggless)

I made eggless red velvet muffins but without adding any red food coloring. These are made with beetroot puree to get the required red colour. Topped with cream cheese, they are an absolute treat for Valentines Day.

Chocolate Barfi

My all time favorite, I use to buy them from the shop readymade, but no more.

Ravioli dolci with strawberry sauce –

Ravioli dolci as the name suggests its a sweet ravioli. Stuffed with chocolate and served with strawberry sauce.

Chocolate date mousse –

A delicious creamy chocolatey treat with dates. Just a small serving is more than enough.

Fruit Tartlets – 

Make the tarts and fill them with fruit and cream, fruit and custard or even melted chocolate and fruit.

Mango and passion fruit paleta – 

Mango and passion fruit is a wonderful tasty combination. Go on try it, you won’t regret it.

Coconut chocolate –

An easy to make chocolate stuffed with coconut. Easy to make and tastes even better when chilled.



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