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Cheese Stuffed Garlic Pull Apart Bread#BreadBakers
Theme: Pull Apart Breads

Pull Apart Bread has been on my ‘to do’ list for a long time. I’ve done mini ones in a muffin pan, but wanted to bake one in a bundt pan. However, the bundt pan part didn’t really work out but the pull apart bread got baked.

My daughter keeps on insisting that she’s not going to eat much carbs, so initially I tried baking half the recipe to give a small loaf. First all, its the first time I’m halving a basic bread recipe so forgot that I should add less salt. The small miserable looking loaf didn’t come out too well and it was salty. However, my daughter liked the idea of tiny pieces of bread stuffed with cheese so she insisted that I bake one for her to take to work. That was a relief as I now could bake the normal 3-3½ cup flour bread. I used a small cake tin and the shape came out much better, the rise was good and yes it wasn’t salty.

Pull Apart Breads is the November theme for Bread Bakers suggested by Kelly Lawson who blogs at Passion Kneaded. She has an awesome collection of Muffins and Breads.

Pull Apart Breads or Monkey Breads is a great way to serve bread at parties, or if stuffed then as a starter too. Pull Apart Breads can be sweet or savory and I chose to bake a savory one. Who can beat the taste of butter and garlic with a bit of herbs added. However, I decided to first stuff the bread with tiny cubes of cheddar cheese, then coated the balls with the garlic butter.

Check out the recipe and go on try your own version of a pull apart bread or try what fellow bakers have baked for this theme.

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