• 660.Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry

    June 24, 2017mayurisjikoni

    Healthy curry Theme: Healthy Weekday Lunches BM#77 Week 4 Day 1 Most of us love our rich gravies and curries. To prepare them we add a bit more oil or ghee so that the masalas fry well, we add cream, we add nuts etc etc. No doubt they turn out yummy but having a rich curry everyday for lunch or dinner is not healthy. However, that does not stop me from making the curries. I try and use very little oil, go easy on the spices and replace the cream with nut meals or coconut milk. For the Healthy Weekday Lunches theme at Blogging Marathon I decided to make Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry. This curry is light on the stomach, healthy and one can…

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  • 627. Sweet Potato and Pasta Salad

    March 20, 2017mayurisjikoni

    Drought–A national disaster 2016 did not bring enough rains to many parts of Kenya. Fast forward to 2017 and out of 47 counties 23 which are arid or semi arid parts of Kenya are facing drought. Rivers have dried up, animals and humans are dying without food. A National and International appeal has been sent out to help these areas with food and water. NGOs, Charity organisations, Private companies all have sent out foodstuff, but that is not enough. If the long rains do not arrive by April, then many more will die without food. Nakumatt has put a huge box near its exit if anyone would wish to buy some foodstuff to be donated. Every time I pass the box its empty! People cannot…

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  • 542.Sweet Potato Brownies

    February 29, 2016mayurisjikoni

    something different What are brownies? No I’m not talking about the girl guides who are between the ages of seven to ten and called Brownies. I wonder if they still have brownies and girl guides in schools? I was a brownie and a girl guide when I was in school. No, my post is not on girl guides and brownies, but the brownies from the cookery world.  Brownies is a baked flat dessert that became popular in US and Canada during the first half of the 20th century.Depending on the density, it can be cakey or fudgy. They are made with chocolate, either melted chocolate or powder or both with nuts and sometimes dried fruits added to it. You can have a brownie either with…

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  • 527. sweet potato tikkis/pattis

    October 15, 2015mayurisjikoni

    Its time for garbas and dandiyas      Navratri is back and will be over before we know it. Its time for fasting, prayers and dancing (garbas and dandiyas). Many   Hindu families abstain from meat and alcohol during this period. Some fast by having only one meal without garlic or onions. Some fast omitting pulses and grains from their diet. Some have only milk and fruit. I don’t fast all 9 days but do fast on the 8th day of Navratri. Nav means nine and ratri means night. During these 9 nights and 10 days the Hindus worship the nine forms of Goddess Durga. The nine forms are Durga, Bhadrakali, Amba, Annapurna, Sarvamangala,Bhairavi, Chandika, Lalita and Bhavani. Different states of India celebrate Navratri in…

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  • 478. sweet potato rolls

    January 30, 2015mayurisjikoni

     Magic box cooking   Travelling is exciting but what I don’t like is all the preparations I have to make before the travelling. I leave for India on Sunday. Excited that I will spend some time with my daughter. However, all these little chores that I have to get through before we travel is stressful. Clear the fridge, make sure lentils are stored away properly, must pack up all the different flours and store them in the fridge, check out the masalas, make sure no perishable stuff is left in the kitchen otherwise on my return will find a stinking kitchen! So the last few days are actually like the magic box they offer to the contestants on Masterchef.  Odd ingredients have to be put…

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  • 476. Sweet potato streusel quick bread

    January 28, 2015mayurisjikoni

    yippeee got it right!         Last month Priya challenged the Home bakers Challenge group to quick breads. Carrot and zucchini, chocolate and an apple one. Chocolate and apple ones were struck off the list immediately as I have already baked those ones. So the choice was between the carrot zucchini one and the sweet potato one. Since I have not made many dishes using sweet potato I wanted to bake the sweet potato bread. Got all the ingredients ready and baked the bread. After one hour, the bread was still raw from inside. The top was beginning to brown too much. I covered with foil and lower the temperature slightly and baked it further for 15 minutes. The skewer came out clean,…

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  • 475. sweet potato, beans and corn wraps

    January 27, 2015mayurisjikoni

     amazing kids   Last Saturday our Lions Club of Mombasa Bahari hosted yet another successful poetry recital competition for children between the ages of  4 to 7.  Please do take some time and visit the website. Poetry recital not only helps a child to develop confidence, but also improves their diction, voice control, helps them to learn new vocabulary, helps with memorization skills and prepares them for public speaking.Like reading, poems too are the mind’s adventure for the children. Reciting and understanding the poems also helps them to pretend and perform actions and expressions accordingly. This year the poems given to the 6 -7 year olds were a bit long, but surprisingly they managed to memorize it within 2 weeks. We tend to underestimate a…

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  • 202. sweet potato shaak

    November 21, 2012mayurisjikoni

    POWER PACKED TUBER Theme: Redo Old Posts BM#81 Week 4 Day 1    Sweet potatoes are pretty much in season all year round. Bake it, roast it, boil it, puree it. Whichever way you may prefer but have it. Sweet potatoes contain twice the amount of dietary fibers compared to a normal potato. It is rich in beta carotene, contains large amounts of Vitamin B6 which is beneficial in breaking down homocysteine (which contributes in  hardening the arteries and blood vessels). It contains a great amount of manganese and also is rich in Vitamin C and E. This humble, staple root is easy to cook and tastes great with a drizzle of lemon, salt, pepper or chilli powder.     My injured foot has stopped my…

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