• 408.mooli parathas

    June 29, 2014mayurisjikoni

    Hard work   Esther, the lady who brings vegetables to our doorsteps daily is a petite woman, but very strong. When she started coming to our building last year, to sell vegetables, she was shy, meek and rarely smiled. As time has gone by she has become more confident, strong, smiles and even jokes with us. She will usually ring my neighbour’s and my door bell at the same time. The minute I greet my neighbour with Jay Shri Krishna, Esther too will respond and immediately tells us not to start our talk as she is getting late. She wants us to buy the vegetables quickly and disappear behind our doors. This morning I wanted to buy some tomatoes and told her that Ksh 100…

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  • 304. moora ni bhaji

    August 3, 2013mayurisjikoni

    an unusual veggie White long tapering roots, full of crunchiness and healthy minerals. I am praising the humble white radish, mooli or moora as its called in Gujarati. It is the most under appreciated vegetable in spite of all its health benefits. Eating radish regularly helps to cleanse the kidney, helps to sooth sore throats, fights the flu virus,aids digestion, helps to get rid of toxins from the body, fights cancer,is a natural coolant and keeps the body hydrated. I love making moora ni bhaji whenever its available. I find that whenever its Ramadhan month, the white radish is available in abundance. Many of the locals can be seen biting into the radish when they break their fast. In the Gujarati cuisine, we tend to…

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