• 362.bhindi masala

    January 30, 2014mayurisjikoni

    ladyfingers dressed differently!     Recently there was a drastic shortage of vegetables and fruits in the markets in Mombasa. This is the result of devolution where decisions are made at a drop of a hat without discussing the consequences. Trucks, lorries etc bringing in the goods now have to pay their transportation charges before entering Mombasa and not at the wholesale market. On top of that no night transport allowed. Hawkers around the markets were removed which resulted in protests. Esther our building mama mboga (vegetable lady) comes everyday selling fruits and vegetables to regualr customers. She complained that people were fighting over the minimum supply and if she wanted to enter the market with her basket to buy vegetables she would need to…

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  • 135. bhinda nu shaak (ladyfinger vegetable)

    August 6, 2012mayurisjikoni

    why ladyfinger and not manfinger? If you have never cooked with ladyfingers or okra, go ahead and try this recipe. It is very easy, not complicated and an excellent accompaniment to chapattis, naan or rice along with a curry. Ladyfingers are readily available in UK, Kenya and India  practically throughout the year. The more experienced cooks may laugh at the idea of me putting up a recipe for ladyfinger shaak or vegetable but for novices its one of the easiest to prepare. As I had mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I am blogging recipes I have learnt from family members, friends or through books and bhinda nu shaak is one of the first vegetables I had learnt to make from my mum.The recipes…

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  • 113. bhinda ni kadhi

    July 11, 2012mayurisjikoni

    unusual curry Bhinda or lady fingers are very popular in most Indian families. Nowadays the bhindas available are tender and fresh. Hubby loves bhinda khadi. Yes, bhinda and kadhi together taste very yummy with parathas or even bajra rotlo. Unfortunately, that is one thing I still haven’t learnt how to make. However, I keep on trying every time I make bhinda kadhi. The day I make a perfect rotlo I will certainly blog it. In the meantime, it has to be bhinda kadhi and paratha or bhakri as we gujjus call it.  Adding green garlic is the best but I don’t see much of it in the market here so instead use normal garlic either crushed or sliced. updated 3/3/2016     BHINDA NI KADHI…

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  • stuffed bhindi or bharela bhinda

    May 8, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Updated on 13/10/2018 Ladyfingers,okra or bhindi is a very popular vegetable in India. Its cooked dry, used in sambhars, made with tomatoes or with a  gravy, depending on the type of cuisine. Gujaratis normally cook it dry. The Japanese use okra to make tempura. In Malaysia its stuffed with fish paste and in other parts of the world, the slime helps to thicken a soup.  It is a slimy vegetable, which is reduced when cooked dry. Most kids  love bhindi.  Nikil my son loves stuffed bhindi. Whenever we visit hubby’s aunt (foi), she always gives me some vegetable that has been either grown at home or at their office yard. Right from brinjals, doodhi to spinach. This time round she gave me these fresh young…

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