• 305. ginger nut cookies

    August 3, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Chill out, relax, have a ginger nut Ginger nuts, ginger snaps or simply ginger cookies are my all time favourite. I remember when my mum or dad would buy the huge assorted biscuit box from House of Manji, we all had our favourites. I loved having the ginger nuts and the nice biscuits. Nowadays buying cookies either from the House of Manji or Britannia brand locally, is a waste of money. They are raw, taste like cardboard and most of them are broken even before the packet reaches home. So, missing my ginger nuts especially to dunk into a hot mug of tea, I dug up my recipe and baked some. The first lot I baked disappeared pretty fast. I doubled the recipe when I…

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  • 190. Sukhadi (Golpapdi)

    October 24, 2012mayurisjikoni

      Happy Navratri       It has been ages since I have blogged any of my recipes. I have been very busy entertaining my dad and a guest. Dad is already in Dubai and hopefully enjoying his stay there. I have been very busy in the kitchen and loads of recipes are waiting to be blogged. I was suppose to blog the recipe for sukhadi or golpapdi during Navratri but got all caught up between dandhias and saris. Yeah you heard right saris as at this moment I don’t own a single chania chori outfit! Every time I watched mum, kaki, Vibha bhabhi make sukhadi, I always felt that this is not for me… what if it becomes too hard, what if it does not…

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  • Carrot Soup

    June 5, 2012mayurisjikoni

    EVENT:  FOODIES_ REDOING OLD POSTS #14 Carrot Soup is what I had the opportunity recently to update as the weather is getting cold in Bangalore. Evenings call for  something comforting and nutritious. Contributing this recipe for the Group called Foodies_Redoing Old Posts which is Renu’s baby. This group encourages food bloggers to visit their old forgotten posts and breathe a new life into them either by changing the photos, the write up or both. However, the recipes remain the same. If you are a food blogger and need a push to revive your lost posts then this group is just the right one for you.  What is a Soup? Soup is a liquid food which is usually made by boiling meat, fish and/or vegetables in…

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  • 59. beetroot tomato soup

    May 20, 2012mayurisjikoni

    remembering Alsisar    This year around the 2nd week of February, my hubby had a medical conference in Jaipur. So we decided to combine his conference and my 50th birthday celebration together. We stayed at this very quaint, small haveli called Alsisar. I fell in love with the place and we were treated like royalty by the staff. On our first day, we were served with beetroot tomato soup. Initially I did screw my nose, but decided to have it as I was feeling cold. The first spoon in my mouth and the soup tasted heavenly. Couldn’t believe it tasted so good. The next few days I had the soup again for lunch but didn’t manage to get the recipe from the chef. Madam just…

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  • 39. mango panna

    May 9, 2012mayurisjikoni

    mangoes and hot season    Mango panna, aam panna or raw mango juice is a cool, refreshing drink made during the summer in India. It prevents heat exhaustion as its loaded with sugar and is rich in pectin, Vitamin B and C. Most aam panna recipes will recommend boiling the mangoes with the peel but nowadays we just can’t be sure what chemicals may be present on it. I prefer peeling the mango before boiling it and I like using the half raw mangoes so that I don’t have to load it with sugar to make it palatable. In India I use the semi ripe alfonso mangoes and in Kenya it has to be the apple mango. If these are not in season as yet,…

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  • 13. masala (tikhi) puri

    January 17, 2012mayurisjikoni

    a spicy brunch treat Special Theme: Redo Old Posts BM#78 Week 4 Day 3     Go to any typical Gujarati family for breakfast on weekends and masala puri or tikhi puri with sugary masala tea will surely be served to you. The younger Gujaratis usually do not make them that often as they prefer to shy away from fried stuff, but they do relish them when someone else has made them. My Dad’s favourite…. anytime can be tikhi puri time. If bhabhi makes dosas for the rest of the family, my dad is happy with tikhi puri and a mug of tea. There are 2 versions of the tikhi puri you can make, the soft type or the slightly crunchy type. The soft type is…

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