• 535.Buckwheat savoury pancakes/uttapams

    January 12, 2016mayurisjikoni

    Buckwheat savoury pancakes#Bread Bakers Starting a healthy year The Bread Bakers theme for January is Ancient Grains hosted by Robin Beck of A Shaggy Dough Story. I’ll be honest, had a slight idea about ancient grains but never actually paid much attention to it. I have used some of them not knowing that they are classed as ancient grains. My research began on the internet as to what really are ancient grains(heritage grains). All the grains we know are somewhat ancient as they have existed for years. However ancient grains are ones that have not changed over the last hundred years i.e have not been hybridized. They have not been modified over the years.Ancient grains have more robust texture thriving without much pesticides and fertilizers.Some of…

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  • 493. rasiya muthia (rasawala muthia)

    April 10, 2015mayurisjikoni

    another Gujarati dish   The first time I had rasiya muthia was when my mother in law (Nunu) made them. I fell in love with the dish. Nunu would make them quite often as even my father in law loved them. The first time she made them in a huge huge pan, I was baffled. I thought why is she making so much. Little did I know till we sat to have our lunch, that rasiya muthia was a family favourite and that everyone enjoyed making a meal out of it. After Nunu left for India I tried the recipe twice but the first time, the muthias all broke up and I was left with one very thick kadhi. The second time round the muthias…

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  • 310.quick tiranga halwa

    August 15, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Happy Independence Day It is said that one will come across an Indian in any part of the world so rest assured if you ever get invited to their home, you will be served some form of Indian cuisine. Where ever they may be living, Indians do become very nostalgic about their own country India, especially during Independence day. Today while I was cooking, I got to listen to a lot of patriotic songs on our local hindi station and was really amazed at the talent India has. I know of many Indians born and brought up outside India and do not have a strong connection with India. However our story is different. My husband studied in Manipal and Mangalore, I did my secondary education…

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  • 298. Steamed muthias

    July 11, 2013mayurisjikoni

    healthy gujarati snack I simply love all gujarati snacks. Whenever my grandfather brought loads of doodhi (lauki) from his friend’s farm or some grew in our garden, my mum would make either handvo or muthias. Muthias taste lovely with a  cup of hot spicy tea or milk. I love dunking  muthias in milk. The reason I love making muthias is because number one they are healthy as I add a lot of vegetables to it and secondly I can prepare them way ahead and just heat them up again before eating. We usually make muthias as a light dinner option. The proportions of different flours used varies from recipe to recipe and so does the amount of vegetables. I find this recipe works best for…

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  • 260.paneer lauki kofta curry

    April 26, 2013mayurisjikoni

    rich and creamy A few days ago my sister in law Rakshabhabhi sent a few pieces of the granola bars she tried out and a very tender and fresh bottle gourd. The granola bars were yummy and tasted different from mine as she had added dried apricots and dried dates (khajur) to the mixture. As for the bottle gourd, doodhi or lauki, it probably landed up at my house for a specific reason. The reason was a kofta curry. twice I had bought doodhi or lauki from the market and twice it was a bit seedy so it was used up in dangellas and theplas. This time, the lauki was really nice with no seeds and very tender. So today, I gathered rest of the…

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  • 205. handvo

    November 28, 2012mayurisjikoni

    masala chai, handvo, drive-in theme: Redo Old Posts BM#85 Week 4 Day 1  updated 23/02/2018      I remember my mum would make handvo (Indian savoury cake) nearly every Sunday. If we were going to Drive In to watch a movie or having a meal at home, Sunday would be handvo day. She would make it on a jiko (sigri) with more hot coal on top of the pan or sufuria. That handvo always tasted yummy and soft. Modern times and the charcoal stoves are out and in come the ovens. Not the same as the jiko one but I still make handvo as its one of my favourite snack. I never made handvo on my own when I got married as Nunu, my mother…

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  • theplas

    June 22, 2012mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: BLOGGING MARATHON #88  THEME : REDO OLD POSTS  WEEK 4 DAY 3 Updated26/05/2018 My regular followers may think but she has already blogged one thepla recipe. Has she forgotten, has she run out of recipes? Nothing like that my friends. These are normal theplas. The one I had blogged earlier were farari theplas  to have on days of fasting or Ekadashi. Wherever there are Gujaratis, theplas are there. Theplas is such a versatile kind of flatbread, paratha, whatever you want to call it. Some are slightly thick, some are thin, some are plain, some have added vegetables. The variation depends family to family. There is no one fixed recipe for theplas. Gujaratis enjoy theplas for breakfast, for lunch or dinner with some curries. My favourite…

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  • 63. dangella

    May 24, 2012mayurisjikoni

    gujarati style uttapams   Gujarati snacks are unique. There are so many snacks or nashta as its called that I don’t think any other state has that many. Dhokras, fafdas, handvo, muthia, mathia, ganthia, kakras, dhebras, theplas, the list is endless. There is definitely more to Gujaratis than just dhokras. I love gujarati snacks. The variations of these snacks within Gujarat too are endless. One of my family’s favourite snack is dangella. Its a gujarati version of the uttapam from the south, but tastes totally different.We normally have this for dinner or as a light lunch. Don’t get put off by the long list of ingredients. Most of them are easily available in most Indian homes or the Indian stores.   My mum would make…

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  • ekadashi/farali theplas

    May 2, 2012mayurisjikoni

    thepla with a difference…. thank you Heni     Last November, my foi Manju aunty invited us to her place just for a change of atmosphere. We all were going through a difficult time after the loss of my mum. Fortunately for me we decided to visit her on Ekadashi day.Unfortunate for my sister in law Heni, as she had to make dishes with potatoes and more potatoes. On Ekadashi fasting which comes every 15 days, one is not allowed to consume grains and pulses and any vegetable that falls under the pulses category like peas, beans, brinjals etc. There are not many options left except for potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, yam etc. We were suppose to have  lunch at her place. There are not many…

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