• Butternut squash event round up

    July 10, 2015mayurisjikoni

    IN MY VEG BOX ROUND UP – MAY 2015 – BUTTERNUT SQUASH It appeared from the number of entries that butternut squash is not a very popular vegetable. However I would like to thank  the following for their entries : 1)  Mina of Tea and Catch up for her yummy and simple butternut squash soup 2) Nayna of  Citrus spice and all things nice for her healthy butternut squash and kale soup And finally I posted the following : butternut squash soup pasta with butternut squash sauce butternut squash and apple salad  

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  • 509. Butternut squash and apple salad

    May 28, 2015mayurisjikoni

    Salad days are back I usually go through these mood phases, wanting to eat junk food, only pasta or chatpata chaats etc. I cannot for some odd reason stick to eating the same type of food every single day. So I am back to my ‘want to eat salad’ mood. But that doesn’t mean I am satisfied with just a tomato. cucumber and carrot chopped and mixed with lettuce. It has to be different. I also don’t like the ready salad dressings so make my own. What are the advantages of eating salad? You may say they are healthy. Yes they are but along with that there are so many other advantages.Salads are nutritious, help you adopt a healthier lifestyle, helps you eat several servings…

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  • 502. Pasta with butternut squash sauce

    May 9, 2015mayurisjikoni

    What not to do when travelling That’s an interesting article I read on MSN today. Sometimes we think that some things are just common sense and not worth writing about or telling others about. However, every airport has its share of people who travel wearing the most weirdest clothes, accessories or footwear. I personally like to travel in comfortable clothes so its either jeans or cotton trousers and a top or kurti with trainers or my fit flops.Depends where I am going to. Colder areas, I put on jeans and trainers. Warmer areas call for cotton trousers and fit flops. We all love to smell pleasant on a flight but its best not to wear overpowering scents. So the writer recommends comfortable clothes but no…

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  • butternut squash soup

    September 4, 2012mayurisjikoni

    photos updated: 28/12/2018 Soup is becoming a common feature in our home especially during dinner time. I find making the creamy or pureed version quick and easy. A few days ago I was shopping at Nakumatt when I saw this young mother loading her trolley with the packet soups where you add the powdered stuff to water and the soup is ready. I wanted to pull her hand to the veggies section and tell her ” make fresh soup”. The packet variety is salty and it has I don’t know how many preservatives and colourings and what not. I have always hated the packet version and also don’t like using the stock cubes as it just adds a lot of artificial flavours to the soup.…

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