• 376. stir fry vegetables with noodles

    February 25, 2014mayurisjikoni

    crunchy and healthy It has been a long time since I have made stir fried vegetables at home. It was a common request by my father in law to make some of it along with fried rice and spring rolls. A visit to one of the greengrocers in Nairobi for just strawberries and I nearly bought the whole shop. Fresh, crunchy vegetables and the first thing that came to my mind was stir fry vegetables. I made some noodles to go along with it as my hubby loves noodles. Any combination of vegetables can be used for stir fries and its quick and healthy. Some Chinese restaurants in Kenya serve chinese dishes loaded with cornflour. They presume that a thick sauce with loads of cornflour…

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  • Spinach and Baby Corn Soup

    June 5, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Have you ever jotted down recipes from a book, magazine, internet, etc thinking that you will make it like yesterday and never got down to it? I have and not just a few recipes, but loads of them which tend to disappear among the many pages of my recipe book or are used as book markers. Jotting down the recipes is not a bad thing you might think, but what if you have not noted down the method? While going through the recipe, I had not noted down the method, thinking that oh I know how its done and I am going to make it soon. The method may remain fresh in you head for a few days but not years! One such recipe is…

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  • 245. baby corn manchurian

    March 26, 2013mayurisjikoni

    chinese indian fusion Any fast food restaurant, road side carts, chowpatty beach, in India will have a variety of machurian to offer to its patrons. I remember the supermarket, Multiplex, opposite Nami’s college would set up a small stall every evening just outside its entrance and make all sorts of machurian dishes right from mushroom, paneer to chicken machurian. They made the yummiest machurian. You can have it as a meal on its own or even eat it with some rice or noodles. Many people in India have it as a starter with or without beer. A few days ago,I felt like having machurian so decided to try out the baby corn one. No one serves good machurian in Mombasa. Turned out pretty good, but…

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