• 486. Kummelweck rolls

    March 24, 2015mayurisjikoni

    Caraway is a fruit and not a seed      Our We Knead to bake challenge for the month of March was Kummelweck rolls. Kummelweck, kimmelweck or kümmelweck is topped with salt and caraway seeds which gives it its distinctive flavour. Kümmel in German means caraway, and weck means roll. So simply put these are caraway rolls.  A beef on a weck is a sandwich famous in New York. I am not going  into details about the origin of the rolls as it will be like repeating what is in the wikipedia. These rolls are chewy and crusty from he outside and soft from the inside. The caraway seeds add an earthy, fennel like flavour to these rolls. Caraway seeds are not actually seeds but…

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