• 326. Guacamole Egg Sandwich

    September 8, 2013mayurisjikoni

    a meal on its own The first time I tasted avocado in a sandwich was some years back when my son suggested it. Initially,I just looked at him thinking “what avocado in a sandwich”! I allowed him to make the sandwiches for us, not wanting to deter his culinary exploratory journey. The sandwiches were delicious and added a unique flavour and since then avocados feature a lot in the sandwiches whenever they are in the season. For this sandwich I have used eggs and carrot but feel free to use any other fillings of your choice, sweet pepper, fish, chicken, cucumber, tomatoes,onions etc. It was the end of the week meal whereby I had only carrots left in the fridge besides the avocado and eggs. …

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  • 322.egg avocado mayonnaise sandwich

    September 4, 2013mayurisjikoni

    your protein boost Sandwiches are such versatile meals, be it as a light lunch, a quick snack, to go along with some soup or salad or for lunch boxes and picnics. The variety of breads makes sandwich making even more fun. The Ennsvalley breads sold at Nakumatt are not bad at all. Buy slices, buns or french loaves. Sandwiches are made quite often at our home for dinner. Egg and avocado combined is an amazing taste and very refreshing. Today I am going share a recipe using avocado mayonnaise. I didn’t bother to make mayonnaise at home as I have a huge jar of ready made mayonnaise sitting in the fridge. To mask the vinegary taste I added avocado to it and hey presto I…

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  • 242. spinach paneer corn sandwich

    March 20, 2013mayurisjikoni

    spinach and paneer rule the day What would we do without those nifty sandwich makers? Combine a few vegetables, add meat or paneer or fish or anything, stuff it between two slices of bread and hey presto a quick meal is on the table. A few days ago our mama mboga who comes to our compound brought some very fresh palak (spinach). Instead of the usual vegetable I decided to make some sandwiches. I miss the spinach and corn sandwiches that are sold practically in all the coffee places in India. So had to make my own with a few additions. Kids will love these sandwiches as they are filled with corn and paneer (cottage cheese) and how much of the spinach can they really…

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  • Vegetable Masala Sandwich

    April 25, 2012mayurisjikoni

    A TREAT FOR DENIS Theme: ReDo Old Posts BM#85 Week 4 Day 3 26/02/2018    Sandwiches in any form make a great snack for a peckish tummy, as a light meal at night or a great brunch treat. Can’t imagine what the world would do without the humble bread. Eat it on its own with tea, layer it butter or fill it with vegetables, leftovers, meat, practically anything. This particular recipe I dedicate to Denis, Namrata’s first friend in Bangalore when she started her textile design course at NIFT. We had just moved into a rented apartment near the college and the kitchen was not fully functional. Denis was coming home to help us settle in and the only thing I could make at that…

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