• 566. Paneer Samosas

    June 6, 2016mayurisjikoni

    Ramadan Mubarak Mondays are appearing too fast. Barely blinked my eyes and Monday is at my doorstep. Imagine, nearly half of 2106 is getting over. For the 43rd #FoodieMonday #Bloghop, our theme was #Ramadan Special. What is Ramadan(Ramazan)? Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar during which all devout Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset for the whole month. Observing fast during this month is considered one of the highest form of Islamic worship. Muslims believe that the holy text Quran was first revealed during the ninth month. Islam follow the lunar calendar, therefore fasting month each year varies. This time round its June -July. That means Muslims in some countries like Iceland, Germany, Norway, Sweden etc will be practically fasting for over…

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  • 522. baked Punjabi samosa

    September 30, 2015mayurisjikoni

    Family time I have been away from the blogging scene for nearly a month. I had gone to London for my nephew’s wedding. Weddings are fun but hard work also. It gave me the opportunity to meet up with my huge huge family. Since I stay far away, meeting up with them is a special treat, a special occasion. My eldest son and my daughter in law too came for the wedding. My daughter in law wore a sari for the first and carried it off so beautifully. It seemed like she has been wearing saris like forever! Its amazing how during the pre-wedding, wedding and after wedding celebrations food plays such an important role. We barely use to get breakfast out of the way…

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