• 306. bajri methi dhebra (vada)

    August 5, 2013mayurisjikoni

    remembering the children Getting young kids to eat fresh fenugreek and millet flour is not an easy task. When we would make bajri na dhebras (millet flour parathas) my kids would just screw up their nose and make yucky sounds. However, the fried version went down very well. Was it because it was fried or because they were able to fill the puffed up dhebras or vadas with yogurt, I really don’t know. But at least we got them to eat some gujarati food and millet flour. My mother in law came up with the brilliant idea of frying them. the kids loved these dhebras and would sometimes carry them to school to share with their friends. I made these dhebras after a very long…

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  • 254. bajri dhebras (millet flour parathas)

    April 18, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Travel food Bajri dhebras (millet parathas) is a common snack for Gujaratis. Train, car, plane, bullock cart or ship, however one travelled, bajri dhebras were carried to have on the way. I remember my mum packing a pile of the dhebras for our train journey to Mombasa. We would take them along for picnics and sometimes instead of handvo had dhebras while watching a movie at the drive-in cinema. The very first time I made bajri dhebras was when I was around 14. My mum had gone to Kericho for a wedding and my grandmother insisted that she wanted to have some dhebras for dinner. I did try and convince her that she could wait till my mum got back but she was pretty adamant.…

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  • 224. dhebras

    February 8, 2013mayurisjikoni

    yet another gujju snack   Whenever any of my blog followers want a recipe, they just write to me and I am glad that I get all these requests. It gives me the opportunity to bring out the old recipes and wipe out the cobwebs. Fried snacks are hardly ever made in my house considering we are just 2. Its only when I have guests that I make fried snacks. My cousin requested for the dhebra recipe and sorry it took a while. I had the recipe but had to make it to photo the end product. Now that took a while. In the meantime the maize flour, millet flour were all patiently sitting on my kitchen counter. Finally got down to making them yesterday…

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