• 494. banana ice cream

    April 13, 2015mayurisjikoni

    NO SUGAR, NO CREAM        You maybe wondering what I am talking about. I am talking about an ice cream where you don’t need to add any sugar or any whipping cream, no sweetened condensed milk. I came across this recipe in an Eating well article. The original recipe used just the bananas, but I added milk to give it a more creamier, softer texture. You really can’t make out that this ice cream is not made from any cream or condensed milk. Easy to make, can also make it in minutes if you get unexpected guests. However, I do recommend a very strong blender for this task. You know the magi mix type or even the steel jug type which we normally…

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  • 438.peanut ladoos (jugu ladoo)

    October 6, 2014mayurisjikoni

    For my eldest Foi My eldest Foi, my dad’s older sister, turned 85 this year. She is still strong and independent. A woman with talent, she has instilled a few values in me, like how to keep a home spic and span. At 85 she still goes around the house with a duster and hates to sit idle.She constantly keeps herself busy, reading both English and Gujarati magazines, newspapers, doing pooja, watching telly and chores in the house. She was a teacher for many years, knows how to knit, crochet, and embroider. Nowadays she does not do the latter two but still knits.New born babies in our family get a sweater or booties from her.She also taught me that when travelling with jewellery, be it…

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  • 323. peanut butter banana choco chip muffins

    September 6, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Happy Teachers’ Day   “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning”. Brad Henry My love for the English language, Geography and Biology is all because of the wonderful, encouraging and inspiring teachers I have had during my school days. Teachers can either make a child hate or love a subject according to how they treat their pupils. My fear for numbers probably started when I was in the 7th standard and we had a horrible teacher. If you did not understand how to tackle a formula or understand any of the geometry or algebra, she would just shout out stating that she is just wasting her time with brainless kids. Yes she was like a witch for…

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  • 312. Raw banana paneer pattis

    August 18, 2013mayurisjikoni

    On Ekadashi Day It has been a while since I have blogged any exciting recipes specially for Ekadashi day. The usual fare is samo (moriyo) and a potato shaak (curry). I saw that raw bananas are in abundance at the market and decided to try out this recipe which I had noted down from can’t remember where but left untried for eons. As they say there is a right place and right time for everything so perhaps I was meant to try out the recipe yesterday. I am glad I did and we had a filling, yummy dinner. I don’t use raw bananas in my cooking so I was really surprised at how easily they get boiled and don’t taste bad at all. These pattis…

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  • 208. salted roasted peanuts

    December 3, 2012mayurisjikoni

    time pass Peanuts are not everyone’s favourite, but I love peanuts whether boiled, fried or roasted. Ajay loves roasted peanuts and we usually come back from India with loads of little packets. However, during this trip Ajay couldn’t bring any as he had to bring my saris from Bangalore. I have tried making salted roasted peanuts many times but either they get burnt or remain raw. I had given up trying to make them taste like the ones in India. Then I came across this recipe which is pretty easy. They are roasted but with the help of  a tiny weeny bit of oil. Quick and easy to prepare, so I tend to make fresh batches ever so often. In the meantime, someone told me…

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  • 46. corn curry or shaak

    May 14, 2012mayurisjikoni

    tender yellow pearls Rains mean fresh corn. Yellow or white they are both very tender, milky and taste very nice during the rainy season. Roasted, boiled or in a curry form. Call it anything you like, corn, maize, sweetcorn, makai, bhuta. Corn is rich in carbohydrates,dietary fibres, thiamin and folates. Low in sodium and saturated fat.I love this shaak or curry or vegetable. Its a ‘keep your guests busy’ curry. Use any corn you prefer, white or yellow. The gravy is thickened by the coarse peanut powder. I love adding coconut milk or coconut cream as opposed to fresh cream.     CORN CURRY OR SHAAK 3 to 4 servings 2 cobs of sweet corn 2 tsps salt 3 cups water 1½ cups finely chopped onions…

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  • stuffed bhindi or bharela bhinda

    May 8, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Updated on 13/10/2018 Ladyfingers,okra or bhindi is a very popular vegetable in India. Its cooked dry, used in sambhars, made with tomatoes or with a  gravy, depending on the type of cuisine. Gujaratis normally cook it dry. The Japanese use okra to make tempura. In Malaysia its stuffed with fish paste and in other parts of the world, the slime helps to thicken a soup.  It is a slimy vegetable, which is reduced when cooked dry. Most kids  love bhindi.  Nikil my son loves stuffed bhindi. Whenever we visit hubby’s aunt (foi), she always gives me some vegetable that has been either grown at home or at their office yard. Right from brinjals, doodhi to spinach. This time round she gave me these fresh young…

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  • stuffed brinjals or bharelu shaak

    May 8, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Most people hear the name aubergine, brinjal or eggplant and make a face. That includes my lovely daughter Nami. Try this recipe out and brinjals will not taste the same.With the limited number of vegetables available at present in Mombasa, I constantly have to figure out a way to repeat the vegetables but try and them in different ways. Both my mum and Nunu made stuffed brinjals or eggplants  only when we had guests over for lunch or dinner. However, I make them often as I can especially when I get the small variety. The small ones cook pretty fast and at the same time hold their shape pretty well compared to the slightly long ones we soemtimes get in the market. However, I use…

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  • 7. spicy cucumber and carrot salad

    January 11, 2012mayurisjikoni

    five vegetables a day     Ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day is what is recommended as a part of an ideal meal plan. That gets one thinking that if I am suppose to eat all those veggies and fruits then when do I eat the rest? The rest I mean the yummy stuff like breads, rice, cakes, muffins etc. Its pretty simple, have a salad everyday and it will take care of your 5-6 servings of vegetables and fruits. Today this salad recipe does take care of at least five. My blog will feature a lot of salad recipes because that’s a part of our meal everyday. I have included coriander leaves as a vegetable as one should not underestimate its health…

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