• Cucumber Coriander Chaas

    January 12, 2015mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: BLOGGING MARATHON #89 WEEK 4 DAY 2 THEME: REDO OLD POSTS What is Chaas? Chaas is a yogurt based drink that is very popular in the Indian Sub Continent. Its known as majjiga in Telegu, moru in Tamil, majjige in Kannada, its a common drink served with any meal. Usually chaas is more watery than lassi. Lassi tends to be thick and can be sweet or salty. Usually chaas is salty. Depending on the ingredients you add, chaas taste and flavour will vary. Whenever you hear the word buttermilk in India, its usually referred to chaas. Different flavors of Chaas Chaas is served every single day for lunch in my home. The weather in Mombasa being hot and humid, chaas is a welcoming cool and…

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  • vaghareli chaas

    September 7, 2012mayurisjikoni

    updated on 31/12/2018 Chaas or lassi is a daily healthy yogurt drink. Besides getting your daily dose of calcium and protein, chaas is very cooling drink and settles your tummy after an extra hot, I mean chilli meal. We have chaas everyday and I don’t consider my meal complete without it. Don’t laugh, but these days I have it with pasta, tacos, basically any meal. Out goes the fizzy damaging soft drinks and in comes the chaas. Haven’t had chaas and pizza yet! Now that I don’t keep any fizzy drinks at home, I sometimes offer it to my guests, but occasionally do get  funny looks too…. what serving chaas instead of soda or packet juices! But then its so normal to serve chaas in…

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  • 30. coriander garlic chaas

    April 29, 2012mayurisjikoni

      a must have in most indian homes When we were travelling from Gondal to Anand  on Ram navmi day, we stopped at a restaurant just near Anand to have our dinner. It was very very hot that day and I cannot remember the number of cold drinks, mainly nimbu pani and limca we all must have drunk. As we all could not fit on one big table, our family decided to occupy 5 small tables and each table ordered for themselves. On our table, Vibha bhabhi and I decided to stick to the good old water whereas Ajay and Snehalbhai ordered lassi. They both enjoyed the cool drink and Snehalbhai said ‘Vibs we should have this everyday at home.’ Vibs did look at him oddly…

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