• Lasagna with Chickpeas

    May 10, 2018mayurisjikoni

    Event: Blogging Marathon #88 Theme: Regional Cuisine – Week 2  Day 1 We’ve just got over the Mega Blogging Marathon, I still have so many blog posts to comment on, then there are other group challenges. I nearly did not participate in this month’s BM challenge. However, I remembered that I’m hosting the Kid’s Friendly Event this month where I’ll have the linky tool up by next week for Kids Healthy Drinks. The curious me also wanted to know what the themes were. I thought “just read and get out of the blog post”. Yeah right! Like that is possible–dahhhh! Food Bloggers are quite gullible when it comes to some different kind of themes and challenges. I read regional cuisines and bells began to ring.…

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  • Pasta with Coriander Mint and Cashew nut Pesto

    March 5, 2018mayurisjikoni

    For the past couple of days I’ve been spending some relaxing and fun time with my family at Watamu. Its just sun, sand and sea.  Watamu is a small coastal town just outside Malindi. We’re here to celebrate my aunt’s(foi, bua) 90th birthday which is today. Yes, you read right, 90th. I decided to treat all my 3 aunts to a foot and arm massage at the spa run by Medina Palms. As I was filling in the form of questionnaires for her, when I came to the part of if she’s taking any medication, she says very sadly ‘ yes, the doctor has prescribed Vitamins and Iron pills. Write that down”. So I go but that’s good for health and they only ask if…

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  • 661. Pasta with Parsley Walnut Pesto

    June 25, 2017mayurisjikoni

    Ideal Workplace lunch Theme: Healthy Weekday Lunches BM#77 Week 4 Day 2 During my visits to Bangalore, I’ve prepared healthy and filling salads for my daughter to carry to work. She doesn’t like me adding fruit to the salad. The salads have to be filling and yet not too heavy. Pasta salad is one of the salads I prepare just not for her but also for myself. Hot days usually means salads for lunch. I pack the dressing separately so that the salad stays crispy and one can choose the amount of dressing they want to add to the salad. This parsley and walnut pesto tasted so amazing. Since it was a simple salad, the star is the pesto sauce. Initially I thought that the…

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  • 627. Sweet Potato and Pasta Salad

    March 20, 2017mayurisjikoni

    Drought–A national disaster 2016 did not bring enough rains to many parts of Kenya. Fast forward to 2017 and out of 47 counties 23 which are arid or semi arid parts of Kenya are facing drought. Rivers have dried up, animals and humans are dying without food. A National and International appeal has been sent out to help these areas with food and water. NGOs, Charity organisations, Private companies all have sent out foodstuff, but that is not enough. If the long rains do not arrive by April, then many more will die without food. Nakumatt has put a huge box near its exit if anyone would wish to buy some foodstuff to be donated. Every time I pass the box its empty! People cannot…

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  • 621. Mexican Macaroni

    March 6, 2017mayurisjikoni

    Happy Women’s Day International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March all over the world.It focuses on gender equality, respect, love and appreciation of all women be it in the economic, political or social field. Every year the themes vary. This year the theme is “Be Bold for Change”.While many women have been recognized for their achievements in many countries, there are still many more countries that believe in subduing the growth of women. Whether a woman is working or a homemaker all deserve to be recognized and appreciated. Our #FoodieMonday #Bloghop group decided to have Women’s Day treat as the 82nd theme. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize women who have influenced the way I think and lead my life. Top…

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  • 502. Pasta with butternut squash sauce

    May 9, 2015mayurisjikoni

    What not to do when travelling That’s an interesting article I read on MSN today. Sometimes we think that some things are just common sense and not worth writing about or telling others about. However, every airport has its share of people who travel wearing the most weirdest clothes, accessories or footwear. I personally like to travel in comfortable clothes so its either jeans or cotton trousers and a top or kurti with trainers or my fit flops.Depends where I am going to. Colder areas, I put on jeans and trainers. Warmer areas call for cotton trousers and fit flops. We all love to smell pleasant on a flight but its best not to wear overpowering scents. So the writer recommends comfortable clothes but no…

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  • 481. Ravioli dolci with strawberry sauce

    March 10, 2015mayurisjikoni

    a special treat for a special person    What is ravioli? Its small pasta envelopes that contain a filling and is served with a sauce. We all are familiar with the savoury variety filled with meat, fish, cheese or vegetables and served with tomato, cheese or creamy sauce. Or just drizzled with loads of olive oil or melted butter. I am drooling as I love ravioli. For the February shhh cooking secretly challenge I was paired with Sathya Priya Karthik. The two ingredients she gave me were pasta and strawberry. When I read the two ingredients, I scratched my head and thought ‘not exactly a lovely combination for Valentine’s day’. The first thing that came to my mind was salad. Pasta salad with strawberries. But…

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  • 444. Pasta stuffed sweet pepper

    October 18, 2014mayurisjikoni

    Me time!           Do you ever get some time in a month or a week just by yourself and no one else? No kids, no family, no hubby, etc etc? I do. Not saying that I don’t get my space with hubby dear around. He is my biggest supporter in whatever I want to do in life. But there are times we women need to be alone, with no one around. I get those days at least twice a month when hubby attends his medical meetings in the evening. For that evening I am free to cook what I like, which usually means something that he does not like and to watch any program or movie that I want. No one…

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  • 442. Spinach paneer balls with tagliatelline

    October 16, 2014mayurisjikoni

    I have come a long way       I remember whenever I would try out a new recipe on my own or with my friends or kaki, we would follow the recipe word to word. But that was when we were learning. Now its getting the main ingredients and the method correct and then the recipe turns into my way, my method etc. Now, I have the confidence to explore and find easier ways. Don’t get me wrong, certain recipes do have to be followed precisely. Can you imagine not adding baking powder or soda to the cake, over fermenting the bread dough, adding more liquid to the roti or paratha dough, adding more salt to the curry, etc etc. There are so many…

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  • 404. vegetable cheese macaroni

    June 20, 2014mayurisjikoni

    down memory lane       Years back, Mombasa Club, famously known as Chini Club, served a rich cheesy baked macaroni as a main dish. The choice for vegetarians back then was limited to vegetable curry and baked macaroni. I would always look forward to having the macaroni, though they did not add any vegetables. Nowadays, the Club had managed to add more choices for vegetarians, they no longer serve cheese macaroni. A few days ago I suddenly remembered the cheese macaroni and a craving began. It ended with me making the cheese macaroni with vegetables. It had been ages since I had had the creamy rich dish. Obviously I made it according to the way hubby dear and I would like it… with a…

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