• 233. mbaazi (pigeon pea in coconut curry)

    March 6, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Patiently waiting for the results  Kenyans are still waiting patiently for the election results. It has taken a long time and hopefully they speed up things. In the meantime, here is the recipe of mbaazi which goes well with mamri. Coconut milk is used in abundance at the coast and I love the flavour. Feel free to use the tinned variety if you cannot lay your hands on some fresh coconut.  Mbaazi is whole pigeon peas(whole tuvar, toor) cooked in coconut milk. Cooked mbaazi is available readily in the freezer section of Nakumatt, but I prefer the long method of soaking the beans and letting them cook slowly over low heat.  updated 2/11/2015         MBAAZI (PIGEON PEA IN COCONUT CURRY) 6 Servings…

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