• 16. lettuce cups/wraps

    January 25, 2012mayurisjikoni

    goodness in  crunchy packets   Fresh, crunchy, sweet, just enough saltiness, tangy, a wee bit chilli, aromatic. Wondering if I am practising my adjectives? Well, you would too if you had these delicious lettuce cups. I first had this delicious treat when my kaki made them at her home. Since then I’ve had them in many Chinese restaurants. They are an exciting starter for vegetarians. Call them cups or wraps, whatever you like.  Let your imagination run riot and add whatever ingredients you want right from vegetables to meat. Lettuce cups are good as  starters or an innovative salad dish too. I prefer to use the iceberg lettuce but feel free to use chinese cabbage if you get some.  You can chop the vegetables and…

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