• 570.Iranian Barbari Bread/Naan-e-barbari

    June 25, 2016mayurisjikoni

    Flatbreads are fun to bake Our We Knead to Bake group has taken a new turn. Aparna, the starter of the group, suggested that members take turns to decide on the type of bread the rest can bake. I hosted the #40th bake. Barbari had been on my long list of bakes for a long time. Since we hadn’t baked a flatbread for eons,I decided to challenge the group with Iranian Barbari Bread.      Barbari or barberi means our fathers ‘of or related to the Barbars’ in Persian language. The Barbars live in the Khorasan region, near the eastern border of Iran. The word Barbar means uncivilized, foreign, barbarian) . The Barbars hated being referred to by such a name and Reza Shah granted…

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