• 640. Gougères

    May 1, 2017mayurisjikoni

    Say Cheeeese! Monday means its time to blog a #FoodieMonday #Bloghop theme based recipe. Our 90th theme is #Cheese. Now who doesn’t like cheese? Before you say ‘I don’t’ hold your horses. There is a huge variety of cheeses out there in the world. Most countries have their own type of popular cheese like Paneer from India, Gruyère from Switzerland, Parmesan from Italy, Cheddar from England, Roquefort from France, Gouda from Netherlands, Oaxaca from Mexico, Halloumi from Cyprus, Akkawi from Middle East, Caravane from Mauritania and so many more. Did you know that there are 1775 varieties of cheeses? So from such a huge variety to choose from surely everyone enjoys cheese. Cheeses are definitely my weakness. When some people reach out for chocolates as…

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  • 421. Gibassier

    July 24, 2014mayurisjikoni

    J’adore ce pain The July challenge from the we knead to bake group  was Gibassier (pronounced as zee-bah-see-ay). This aromatic, delicious, rich, breakfast bread or pastry hails from the Lourmarin village in the Provence region of France. It is usually flavoured with candied orange peel, orange zest, orange blossom water and anise seeds (fennel seeds). It is brushed with clarified butter and sprinkled with caster sugar. It is believed that the doughnut like bread or pastry got its name from the mountain Le Gibas that can be seen in the horizon of the village. For more information about this delicious bread or cookie as some in France call it visit Aparna’s blog, My Diverse Kitchen. I was doing more research on the bread on the…

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  • 397. petit pains au lait (French milk bread/rolls)

    June 8, 2014mayurisjikoni

    amazingly soft   A couple of weeks ago I came across the recipe for petit pains au lait on Priya’s blog (Priya’s Versatile Recipe). Anything French these days catches my attention. I browsed through the recipe and found it very interesting. She made the little milk bread rolls for the We knead to bake group started by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen. I checked out the rolls made by Aparna too and knew I wanted to try the recipe out immediately. I prepared the rolls and loved how soft and buttery they were. Priya added chocolate to hers(brilliant idea) but I made mine plain. The rolls didn’t last for too long as hubby dear had a few with a hot cup of tea. The rest…

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  • 203. Chocolate Eclairs

    November 23, 2012mayurisjikoni

    happy birthday Meera      My niece, Meera loves baking. Whenever I go her place, we try and bake something together and in the process get to bond as well. She works with a lot of patience and joy. During school holidays she is busy baking goodies for her numerous cousins and large families. I am sure she gets loads of praises from them. Some years back Meera and I baked some eclairs for my dad, her grandfather and we were not too proud of the end result. The eclairs became a bit hard, but got consumed anyway within a few hours. Meera, this time when dada was here I tried out another recipe and they came out perfect. So do try them out again.…

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