• 287. vegetable empanadas

    June 14, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Going all the way to Mexico for lunch Empanadas are stuffed pastry or bread which are fried or baked. Originally from Portugal, this dish is being made in various countries, using fillings that are suitable for the local palate.  Emapanadas are very similar to the Italian calzone, the pies from many countries, curry puffs, patties, gujiyas or googras from India. The list is endless. The type of pastry made for this dish varies from country to country. Some add egg, some add more fat and some add yeast. Since I did not want to make an egg pastry I decided to browse the internet for a correct yeast pastry for the empanadas. I decided to use a Mexican filling. Fillings can be anything right from…

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