• Methi Muthia Tuvar Nu Shaak

    January 7, 2019mayurisjikoni

    EVENT:FOODIEMONDAY/BLOGHOPTHEME:#177 MAGIC OF FRESH METHI Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and a wonderful start to  the new Year. As for me, I can’t complain about the start but it hasn’t been exactly very smooth. US visa application took hours to fill, somehow they have not managed to get their online application forms user friendly like the ones for UK or Schengen visa. I so missed the easy and direct Queen’s English on the forms. For me when it says entire transaction  it means the transaction for all the applicants. But they have a different idea..pay individually! Anyway, tomorrow hubby and I will be making our to Nairobi for our visa appointment on Wednesday. I’m a bit excited, no not about entering the heavily…

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  • Mixed Vegetable Curry

    June 25, 2018mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: FOODIEMONDAY/BLOGHOP THEME: #150 – VEGGIES WITH ONE TSP OIL Sujata who blogs at Batter up with Sujata suggested that we make a veggie dish with just 1 tsp oil. I thought “ok that’s not difficult,” as most of the daily sabji, shaak or curry I make hardly has any oil in it unless I need to stir fry onions or roast some kind of flour to thicken the gravy. But the catch 22 was I couldn’t prepare it before I travelled as I didn’t want to buy any vegetables and I knew I would not be able to get all the ingredients I need here in Montreal. However, still managed a simple curry, so easy to make and hardly took 10-15 minutes to make.…

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  • 617.Tangy Creamy Potato Curry

    February 16, 2017mayurisjikoni

    GUEST NO.3 ON THE BLOG            My 3rd guest on the blog is my middle foi (fupi, paternal aunt) Manjulaben. I was really surprised when her daughter in law Heni said ‘mum’s going to send a recipe for your blog.’ When I heard that I was surprised because I thought the old generation would not really bother to measure the ingredients and do all the writing. Ok she got her daughter in law to write down the recipe as she narrated it to her. After the surprised moment, I was grinning from ear to ear because my foi or Manju aunty as we all call her is such a sport.            My memories about her…well when she…

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  • 579. Keri nu Shaak (Mango Curry)

    August 1, 2016mayurisjikoni

    Making it after eons Keri nu shaak was an all time family favourite when I was growing up. My mum would make a huge huge amount of this curry and we all would relish it with some parathas. We all would fight for the mango seed (or gotalo as its called in Gujarati). It was fun to suck out all the gravy from the mango seed and then dip it again in the thick gravy and suck on it again. Its one of the simplest and yet the most tastiest curry. Is it childhood nostalgia or the curry itself, don’t know but I love it. It goes well with parathas and even khichdi. Every time mango season would start, family members would pester my mum…

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  • 433. Dry tindora shaak/sabji

    September 21, 2014mayurisjikoni

    Simple but delicious    I am posting a traditional recipe after a long time. Dry tindora (tondli, giloda,kovakai) shaak or sabji is a simple but delicious vegetable to prepare. Some prepare it using just dry spices, some add the fresh spices like ginger and some use both. Whichever way you prefer to make it, its important to make a dish that suits the taste of your family. Some find cooking a chore, some find it therapeutic and for some its a passion.     There was a local cookery competition taking place on tv sometime back and while I was watching it I was wondering how you can really judge someone’s cooking? Some like their food a bit more spicy, some like it mild, some like…

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  • 413. kadhai gobi

    July 7, 2014mayurisjikoni

    different hands, different outcome     Have you ever noticed how the same recipe prepared by different people appears totally different and yet the basic ingredients used are the same. The way my mum use to make handvo and the way I make it appears different. The way my mother in law makes so many dishes, appears different when I make it. Everyone has a special magic in their hands when it comes to cooking, it acquires your trait. Wanting to make gobi (cauliflower) in a different manner to the usual ways I make it, I had bookmarked Shweta’s recipe for kadhai gobi.  The first time I made it, somehow the yogurt just got separated from the cauliflower and the little gravy appeared watery. The second time I…

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  • 378. Masala cauliflower

    March 4, 2014mayurisjikoni

    It’s really hot again       Suddenly, the weather has taken a turn. Its become really hot. The sea breeze too, is hot and we really don’t need to switch the water geyser on as the water in the taps is warm.Coming to today’s recipe, its a vegetable or sabji. I found this recipe in an old Femina magazine that I was reading while at the hairdresser. I have reduced the amount of red chilli as my family does not eat really chilli food. I have made this sabji several times and its a winner with my husband. Its a change from the normal cauliflower potato sabji that my mum and mother in law use to make. Keeping the florets a bit big means…

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  • 295. Paan turia nu shaak

    July 1, 2013mayurisjikoni

    No one makes it like Nunu My sister in law sent me some huge arvi paan (taro, colocasia, elephant ears, arbi leaves) a few days ago. I made normal arvi paan bhajia with some and left 2 huge leaves to make a long forgotten shaak (curry). My mother in law Nunu, would make it whenever we had guests over and obviously everyone would pick out the arvi paan and leave the turia (ridge gourd). When I got married and came to Mombasa, there were endless rounds of lunches and dinners we were invited to. One such dinner was hosted by my hubby’s best man’s family. Since his wife (P) was a working woman, my mother in law volunteered to make one dish to help her…

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  • turia matar nu shaak (ridge gourd and peas vegetable)

    May 31, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Healthy veggies Turia or ridge gourd is a healthy vegetable, loaded with fibers. I like using this vegetable as you can combine it with so many other vegetables to make a nice shaak or sabji to go with chappatis, parathas, plain rice and even khichdi. When you buy turias remember to buy the sturdy and fresh ones. Dry turias do not cook well. Initally, the chopped turias may seem a lot in quantity but remember it contains a lot of water. While cooking, it will let out the water and the quantity will be reduced. Cook turias on its own or with vegetables like potatoes, beans, peas, spinach, fresh fenugreek or sweet corn etc. let your imagination run wild. I made turia with fresh peas…

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  • 278.sun dried vadi onion shaak

    May 30, 2013mayurisjikoni

    An exotic dish I made vadi and onion vegetable a few days ago. Ajay got excited and commented that I made an exotic dish. It has been eons since I last make vadi doongri nu shaak. I remember helping my mum to make huge quantities of vadis. In India and Kenya, vadis are traditionally made during summer or hot season, dried in the sun and stored for future use.What are vadis you may ask? Vadis are basically lentil chunks dried in the sun. The types of lentils used to make the vadis differs, depending on the region of India. Punjabis usually make it out of moong dal (split green gram lentils) or urad dal (split black gram lentils). Usually the ones made in Gujarat are…

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