• Bajri Idli and Stir Fried Idli

    May 29, 2018mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: FOOD BLOGGERS RECIPE SWAP – No.4 Food Bloggers Recipe Swap is a group of food bloggers who prepare a dish from a blogger’s blog. The group initiator Amber pairs up the participants. We then decide what we want to make from our partner’s blog. Usually we add a slight twist of our own or cook it the way we like but the main ingredients remain the same. At the end of the month we share our recipe link on the FB page. What is idli? Idli is a famous South Indian dish made from fermented rice and white lentil(black gram) batter. It is steamed and considered one of the most healthiest food. It can be served with sambhar, a lentil curry and coconut chutney,…

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  • 591. Idli chaat

    October 3, 2016mayurisjikoni

    Chaotic life Have you noticed how life in India can be so chaotic. Forget about getting problems sorted out in an orderly and calm fashion. Everyone thinks that the more you shout, the louder you are the problem will vanish. Shouting, loud accusations and chaos does not bring about solutions. However, after a bout of all this ‘hangama’ life carries on till we experience the next round of shouting which gets louder by the second and then suddenly peace and quiet rules. Has the problem been solved? Not at all but for many spectators it is entertainment. But isn’t the chaotic life that attracts so many to India again and again? I am grateful that I’m right now sitting in my apartment where the surroundings…

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  • 106. idli sambhar

    June 25, 2012mayurisjikoni

    fluffy and soft  The first time I ever tasted idlis was when I was studying in Mt. Abu. We had them at a restaurant just at the beginning of the road towards the lake. Unfortunately cannot remember the name of the restaurant. My mum loved idlis and thats what she had day and night when she came to drop my sister and me to school. I never really asked her why she didn’t learn how to make them if she loved idlis so much. When Vibha bhabhi came into our household, she learnt how to make them and that was fine for my mum. The first time I had home made idlis was when Nunu made them. I was flabbergasted  at that time as I thought…

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