• 532. Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

    November 25, 2015mayurisjikoni

    A delayed Diwali post     Life usually runs at a normal pace but sometimes in a short period we actually have to move through life at a much faster pace. Things just keep on happening one after the after without a break. And then the storm settles and we are back to a quiet period for a while. Feeling unwell,admitted into hospital for a short period, nephew got admitted into hospital with dengue fever, Diwali preparations, computer conked out, etc etc. However, everything is back to normal. I have so many recipes to blog but not finding the time to do so. However, will tackle them one by one and hopefully get through the list before I travel to India on 8th Dec. Life…

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  • 525. 4 Ingredient banana oat bars

    October 10, 2015mayurisjikoni

    It is healthy!     Our Home Bakers Challenge for the month of October was Oat Bakes, recipes selected by fellow blogger Rafeeda of The Big Sweet Tooth. All the recipes were tempting to bake but for a change I chose the healthiest one. No sugar and no fat, yes you read right no sugar or fat. So you can imagine the bake without even fat. It was a big chewy but what I like about these bars is that it can be a snack for in between meals, a sweet treat after meals or can have it for breakfast. I know what I am going to carry with me when I am travelling next time especially by Ethiopian Airlines. As I mentioned before, long…

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  • 503. Iyengar Bakery style Khara Buns/ Savoury Buns

    May 13, 2015mayurisjikoni

    VERY SIMPLE LIFE       Last Sunday our club, Lions Club of Mombasa Bahari went to to a remote village for the opening ceremony of a bore well. This was the 3rd bore well that the Club had constructed with the help of generous donors. As soon as we reached the village, what struck me was how simple life is in these remote villages. No electricity, no water, no complicated or complex buildings… actually nothing except for huts, lots of trees, greenery and cattle. When we have to stay without power for even an hour, we get frustrated and life comes to a standstill when our taps run dry. These villagers live without all this. Women, girls, young children have to track long distances…

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  • 496. simple scones

    April 15, 2015mayurisjikoni

    first time ever!       When Priya challenged the Home Bakers Challenge group to bake scones, I got excited. Excited because I love scones, because I have so many scone recipes in my recipe book but never tried any and because now I had to bake them! My cousin Jayshree is an expert at baking scones. She baked some during my last visit to London and invited my sister in laws and me to her house for early breakfast…. tea or coffee with scones. She served them with some jam, butter and clotted cream. Took one in my plate, finished it with some hot tea, then had another one. She kept on insisting we have more, but the mind was saying no and the…

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  • 483. savoury pizza muffins

    March 12, 2015mayurisjikoni

    A good light dinner or lunch idea   Woman’s Day was on March 8th and for many it may have not been so special a day or maybe your family made it special for you. Hubby dear spent the day questioning when is Man’s Day??? Several times my daughter fights not to be treated differently from her two siblings, but we just cannot help worrying a bit more for her than her two brothers. The world is still not safe for women. They are easy targets and its so easy for men to label them as cheap, brainless, provocative, asking for it, weak, animals, uneducated, selfish, etc. We have given our daughter the same opportunities as her brothers.However, we are just a bit more cautious…

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  • 480. baked apple and almond pudding

    March 9, 2015mayurisjikoni

    Good to be back     Its been nearly 5 weeks since I have not blogged a recipe. That seems a long time. However, cooking did not stop for those 5 weeks. Like most mothers I wanted to feed everything to my daughter in the time we were with her. That includes eating out also. Over the years HSR Layout in Bangalore has grown by leaps and bounds. When my daughter first started college there, we rented an apartment near the college. At that time besides 2 main grocery stores and a Tamil cuisine take away, there was not much on the 27th Main Road. Slowly new shops and a restaurant appeared. However in the past 2-3 years HSR Layout has become a very busy hub…

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  • 476. Sweet potato streusel quick bread

    January 28, 2015mayurisjikoni

    yippeee got it right!         Last month Priya challenged the Home bakers Challenge group to quick breads. Carrot and zucchini, chocolate and an apple one. Chocolate and apple ones were struck off the list immediately as I have already baked those ones. So the choice was between the carrot zucchini one and the sweet potato one. Since I have not made many dishes using sweet potato I wanted to bake the sweet potato bread. Got all the ingredients ready and baked the bread. After one hour, the bread was still raw from inside. The top was beginning to brown too much. I covered with foil and lower the temperature slightly and baked it further for 15 minutes. The skewer came out clean,…

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  • 462. Pineapple tarts/ tart nenas

    December 15, 2014mayurisjikoni

    dainty and delightful  When Niloufer Riyas, a fellow member of the Home Bakers Challenge Group, gave us exciting Malaysian bake recipes, I got excited seeing the first recipe itself. I browsed through the others and my mind kept on going back to the first one which is pineapple tarts. The picture posted on rasa malaysia looked so cute, dainty and tempting. As I read through the recipe, I thought ‘oh no do I really have the time to make the jam?’ I was looking for easier options… that is at the other recipes. I liked the suji cookies, but didn’t want to add artificial colours, thought of the bread but was not too keen on the caramel kaya. So went back to the original idea.…

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  • 454. Baguette

    November 20, 2014mayurisjikoni

    Une baguette s’il vous plait!        The Home Bakers Challenge for the month of November was to choose any of the recipes given in the previous challenges. For a new member of the group, this was like opening a treasure trove. Which one to choose, which one to choose was constantly on my mind as I went through the lists. My mind was getting all muddled up as I wanted to try most of them. So the other best option was to go through my bookmarked list and see if any were a match to the long list of recipes. I finally chose to make french baguette. Though I didn’t follow the recipe given by Priya Ranjit for the Jan 2014 challenge, I…

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  • 427. veggie pizza rolls

    August 11, 2014mayurisjikoni

      Home Bakers Challenge # 1  This is my first entry for the Home Bakers Challenge, a group where enthusiastic home bakers bake every month according to the challenge set. The group was started by Priya of Priya’s Versatile Recipes. This month the recipes were selected by Gayathri a member of the group. She gave a choice of five recipes. I spent nearly a week trying to decide which one to make, sweet or savoury, savoury or sweet. Kept on scrolling down the recipes umpteen of times. Finally decide on a savoury recipe as for the past few weeks I have baked so many sweet treats. I am glad I chose to make the pizza rolls. I decided to make the dough at home and…

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