• 116. cherry tomato and avocado salad

    July 16, 2012mayurisjikoni

    cherry, plum or grape? Finally we get to see some cherry tomatoes in Mombasa. Cherry tomatoes and avocado and hey presto a salad is ready. Making the best use of the fine avocados till the season lasts. Add plum tomatoes or grape tomatoes if you get any. Basically any tomato will do. If you like, dress it with mayonnaise or any other creamy dressing. I prefer my simple vinaigrette dressing till I get down to making my own mayonnaise. Rucola, rocket, aragula are just different names for the same thing. Usually used in salads or in pasta dishes, it is rich in folate, magnesium, potassium and calcium.It belongs to the mustard family, hence the slight peppery taste.    CHERRY TOMATO AND AVOCADO SALAD 2 Servings…

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