• 449. raw banana and paneer kofta curry

    November 3, 2014mayurisjikoni

    raw banana, sweet plantain, plantains My mum use to make raw banana or plantain bhajias or fritters for Ekadashi. No measurements, she would just mix grated banana with mashed potatoes and spices. Simple and yummy. However, I was yearning for some kofta curry. Ekadashi and kofta curry. Well that is possible. I made them with plantains and paneer. Kofta curry without onions and garlic you might question? Well its totally possible. I didn’t want to make rajgira puris as I find them too oily. Instead, I made some farari theplas and the meal was ready. Normal sweet bananas are eaten as a fruit and the green plantains, sweet plantains or raw bananas are different. They belong to the banana family but are used as a…

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