• 292. Pina colada mousse

    June 26, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Pina colada in Spanish means strained pineapple. Pina colada is a cocktail made from pineapple juice, coconut cream and rum. Pina Colada is very famous in Puerto Rico. After the famous cocktail many versions have been formulated in the form of a drink, dessert, salad or cake. I am not going to blog the recipe for the cocktail but a dessert.  My nephew came down from Nairobi on Sunday and I wanted to make some dessert for him. I really didn’t want to wait in the long queue at Nakumatt for the ingredients so decided to figure out if I could make something from the ingredients I already had in my kitchen. So out came a tin of pineapple titbits, coconut milk and jelly. That…

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  • 231. eggless upside down pineapple cake

    February 21, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Mother and daughter in the kitchen I celebrated my birthday yesterday and the first thing I did was thank God for such a wonderful life. I remembered my mum a lot and of course missed having my family here. My daughter however made the day very special for me. We baked a cake together, she created a lovely ecard and gifted me a miniature painting done by her.Wishes and blessings from friends and family brought a huge smile on my face. It is so great to feel wanted and loved by so many. My dear hubby gifted me with an airline ticket to Dubai. I am excited as I  get to spend another week with my daughter and also get to spend time with my…

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  • 192. eggless coconut pineapple banana bread

    October 25, 2012mayurisjikoni

    it’s tea time I can’t stay without baking for too long. As the days are getting hotter, I thought to myself, less baking so that the kitchen does not get too hot but unfortunately it is difficult to stay away from the oven. A few pineapple chunks were sitting in the fridge and I opted to try out an eggless pineapple tea bread. A bread without yeast, looking very much like a cake. I couldn’t find any pineapple extract or flavouring in the supermarket here but must get some during one of my foreign trips. I used tinned pineapples and the juice but still my husband thought that it lacked the pineapple taste. Bananas tend to overpower the other flavours.  However, till I come across…

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  • 183. Happy Birthday Verity

    September 12, 2012mayurisjikoni

    A few days ago Verity my niece, celebrated her 21st birthday. If 21st is out of your teens celebration then why not 20th? 21st means freedom which I have really never understood. Freedom from what? Freedom from parents some might say but isn’t it good to have parents looking over you all the time whether you are 21 or 50? I feel that 21st signifies to one that hey time to become independent, grow up, take more responsibilities etc. Its like one day you are still a kid and bang on your 21st there are a lot of expectations from you. Well, Verity deserved a special treat on her birthday. I made this eggless pineapple cake with fresh cream. This is an original eggless cake…

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  • 171. pineapple paleta

    August 30, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Tinkering in the kitchen  When Niku my son, was home for his break, we bought a lovely orangey looking pineapple. Got excited thinking that it will be so sweet and juicy. We cut the pineapple and  much to our disappointment it was  sour. Couldn’t use it up in a salad as it was too sour. So I just left the pineapple chunks in the fridge. Usually ideas crop up at the most weirdest time. In walks Niku, opens the fridge to look for some fresh juice and instantly we both think of making paletas. I was itching to use the ice pop molds he bought for me so of course the idea got stuck there….. sour fruit, molds, molds, sour fruit. As I was busy…

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  • 50. pineapple salsa

    May 16, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Thank you Nami    2 weeks ago my daughter Nami sent me a recipe for pineapple salsa. As soon as I got some sweet fresh pineapple, I had to try out the recipe. It turned out very well, though I had to make a slight change from the original recipe sent to me from the savouryandsweet blog by her. I couldn’t  find any jalapenos so I replaced it with chilli flakes. Try the recipe out and use it as a starter with taco chips or normal potato crisps(chips) or crispy pita bread. Use tinned pineapples if you don’t get fresh ones. The sweetness from the pineapples, chilliness from the chilli flakes and sourness from the lemon will definitely  play music on your tongue. updated 24/02/2016…

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