• Glowing Skin Smoothie

    March 4, 2019mayurisjikoni

    EVENT:FOODIEMONDAY/BLOGHOPTHEME:#185 GLOWING SKIN RECIPES When Amrita who blogs at The Food Samaritan suggested glowing skin recipe, I thought wow, what a topic. We normally tend to ignore the fact that food very much predicts how our skin is going to look or looks. The glowing radiant smooth appearance of the skin comes from within us and not entirely from what cosmetics we use on top of our skin. It is important to use facial creams to combat dryness of the skin due to variation of weather and seasons. I personally am not into buying very expensive creams for my face or skin. I don’t believe that a Rs.5000 plus pot of facial cream rich in Vitamin E or collagen will change my skin in a…

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  • 524. Papaya lemon jam

    October 8, 2015mayurisjikoni

    Its time to jam     One of my hubby’s friend owns a farm. He often comes to supply the surplus produce to the greengrocer that I usually go to if I don’t go to the market. He gives me either vegetables or papayas whenever I go there. Last week he insisted that I take 3 huge papayas. They all ripened at the same time. Now there is so much papaya one can eat. So the next option was smoothie or a jam. Smoothie didn’t sound too exciting, especially when the tummy is full. I am glad I made the jam. Its so easy to make it. I should stop buying the local jam as there is no fruit in it, its too sweet, full…

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  • 72. Papaya Salad

    May 31, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Fruit or a Salad –or what? Have you ever spent your precious time and money trying to buy just the right papaya or paw paw? I have and still do. I always turn them  around to check if it will be the right one, try to weigh them in my palm to see if its heavy or light, whether it will ripen well or not etc etc.  Some say if the papaya is heavy then its good, if it is oval shape then it will be sweet. You can buy any shape and its all  like a pot luck. Some are extremely sweet and some can be unbearably spongy and bland. Now if you folks living in UK have spent pounds buying the precious tropical fruit…

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