• 125.chocolate banana walnut muffins

    July 26, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Muffins, I love Bananas and chocolate are a classic combination for cakes, muffins, smoothies, cookies etc. These muffins turn out very soft and spongy even though I have not used eggs. Yogurt and fruit puree are excellent replacements for eggs. Most of the muffins I have blogged do not have any frosting on top as usually I prefer to reduce the calorie intake. Feel free to add frosting on yours. updated 03/07/2016 Muffins are very easy to prepare. Its basically all about mixing the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients. I prefer to sift the flour with salt, baking agents, cocoa powder, spices etc. I mix the wet ingredients together, eggs, oil, butter, fruit purees, juices etc. The basic rule is not to over mix.…

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  • banana beetroot smoothie

    July 19, 2012mayurisjikoni

    updated : 01/08/2018 Smoothies are a rage all over the world. Smoothies for breakfast, smoothies for in between meals, smoothies for lunch, smoothies for desserts, the options are endless. What is actually a smoothie? Hadn’t even heard of the word smoothies when I was growing up. Smoothies are drinks that usually are pretty thick in consistency, are cold and very filling. Its like having a meal in a glass. What do you need to make smoothies? a) A liquid like water, milk, yogurt, juice b) fresh fruits or vegetables like spinach, beetroot, pumpkin, carrots to name a few c) sweetener can be sugar, honey, maple syrup, artificial sweeteners, stevia etc d) spices which is optional like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg etc e) nuts or nut butters…

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  • 95. banana cucumber raita

    June 19, 2012mayurisjikoni

      heavenly yogurt Raita is a yogurt based dish which is usually served as an accompaniment to a main dish. Raita can be made using many vegetables like cucumber, radish, fruits like banana, pomegranate, grapes and savoury bundi. I made this traditional raita after such a long time. I say traditional because that’s the raita my mum use to make and when I got married, Nunu use to make it. Raita is a very cooling dish to have with parathas, on its own or with a full indian meal. My grandfather always use to say, ‘there should be enough mustard powder in the raita so that when we eat it, the mustard should be able to tickle our nose’. What he really meant was that…

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  • 43. wholewheat banana muffins

    May 12, 2012mayurisjikoni

    happy birthday Lekha        When I was staying in Bangalore with my daughter Nami, I have baked a number of cakes and muffins for her friends either for special occasions or just as a treat. Mostly the request would be for chocolate based cakes or muffins and nothing else. While most people love chocolate, Lekha was the only one in their group who didn’t like chocolate. Most of the time the majority won and Lekha would land up just tasting a wee bit of the cake to please me. She loves banana cakes so this one is for you Lekha, wholemeal banana muffins. Twist Nami’s arm and get her to bake it for you or else you will have to wait till I…

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  • Banana Cinnamon Frozen Yogurt

    May 11, 2012mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: FOODIES_ REDOING OLD POSTS #22 For this event, Foodies_Redoing Old Posts my 22nd recipe is an easy cold treat, Banana Cinnamon Frozen Yogurt. Hot Weather in Mombasa Generally Mombasa is a hot and humid coastal city. I cannot remember when I last must have worn a sweater here. However, there are some months that are much hotter than others. The sweltering heat begins from November till April when the rainy season begins. Till then its a sweating, lethargic and uncomfortable period. Going out, exercising, cooking all become a task. I generally try to postpone shopping till the list becomes a bit longer. Time For Frozen or Cool Treats One just cannot help yearning for some ice cream during the hot season. Having said that,…

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