• 43. wholewheat banana muffins

    May 12, 2012mayurisjikoni

    happy birthday Lekha        When I was staying in Bangalore with my daughter Nami, I have baked a number of cakes and muffins for her friends either for special occasions or just as a treat. Mostly the request would be for chocolate based cakes or muffins and nothing else. While most people love chocolate, Lekha was the only one in their group who didn’t like chocolate. Most of the time the majority won and Lekha would land up just tasting a wee bit of the cake to please me. She loves banana cakes so this one is for you Lekha, wholemeal banana muffins. Twist Nami’s arm and get her to bake it for you or else you will have to wait till I…

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  • 41. banana cinnamon frozen yogurt

    May 11, 2012mayurisjikoni

    frozen treat   The hot weather in Mombasa demands a cold dessert. I miss the gelato ice cream shop. Have no idea why it closed down. I came across a recipe of banana frozen yogurt. But the problem is I couldn’t find any frozen yogurt in Nakumatt. Nairobians don’t even have to bother making frozen yogurt at home as they have a frozen yogurt shop there. Lucky and to think that most of the time it is cold there! I tried out my version of the recipe and I must say it was a cool treat on a hot, humid night. Though it melted really fast as I had not added any stabilizers to it, the overall taste was great. I bought a 500ml vanilla yogurt and…

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