• 64. avocado, tomato and feta salad

    May 24, 2012mayurisjikoni

       It’s Feta Cheese Time               Feta cheese is a Greek cheese usually made from sheep or goats’ milk. It is then brined or pickled to give the salty, tangy taste and crumbly consistency. Modern commercially made feta is made from cow’s milk. However Greece and Bulgaria still prepare is mostly from sheep or goats’ milk. A single serving is about 38g. If you find the feta too salty soak it in water for 5 minutes to remove the saltiness. It is very difficult to find feta cheese in the normal grocery stores in India. To make paneer taste like feta, I would usually marinate it in salt and lemon for 2 to 3 hours. Though it doesn’t taste exactly…

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  • 31. avocado vinaigrette

    May 1, 2012mayurisjikoni

    No anchovies for me,please. Avocado vinaigrette served in some of the fine restaurants of Mombasa have a bit of anchovies in it. Most restaurant owners do not understand that when you are a vegetarian it includes no fish! Most say but fish is vegetarian. Did he mean the fish was a vegetarian? If you are lucky to get vegetarian avocado vinaigrette as a starter, then you just eat it quietly savouring the acetic acid because you will be paying for the dish at the end of the meal. Obviously, I have stopped ordering avocado vinaigrette at the restaurants and instead make my own at home whenever avocados are in full season. Vinaigrette is simply a mixture of oil and vinegar, sometimes seasoned with spices, herbs…

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  • 12. avocado beetroot salad

    January 15, 2012mayurisjikoni

    green and red, a wonderful combination      Kenya is well known for its wonderful avocados. Soft, buttery emerald green fruits packed with vitamins E and  B, mono saturated fat and rich in potassium. In India avocado is sold as butter fruit. When I was living in Bangalore, during my first visit to the vegetable shop, I had a tough time asking for avocado. The poor guy just didn’t understand what I wanted. He just shrugged his shoulders and helped me with my basket to the till. In other words he was perhaps trying to tell me ‘please ma’am just leave the shop with what you have found and don’t fry my bheja!’ The following week I went to the super market Big Bazar and…

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