• 625. Peanut and Fruit Salad (Chaat)

    March 15, 2017mayurisjikoni

    Peanut and Fruit Salad(Chaat) #Fantastical Food Fight Trying to eat healthy When you’re a food blogger and food is your passion, its pretty difficult to stay away from all those tempting recipes out there in the cyber world and cook books. I get tempted to try out so many recipes and the more calories it has the temptation level is that much higher! Recently I joined this group called Fantastical Food Fight. I got tempted to join after I saw the absolutely tempting cookies made by Karen of Karen’s Kitchen Stories. After I oooooogled at the photos till I was drooling, she suggested that we should check out what other members of the group had made. I scrolled down and recipes had me salivating. Just…

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  • 585. Burrito Bowl Salad

    August 29, 2016mayurisjikoni

    A Healthy Way of Life Women constantly have to worry about weight issues. How many times have you heard men discussing about their weight problems? The world’s general conception of a perfect figure, ideal weight, right curves in the right places for women is colossal. Men seem to just lead a happy, eat all you can sort of life without any issues. Not saying that there are no obese men, there are many with this fast pace and fast food era that we are living in. I’ve battled with weight issues ever since I delivered my twins. Have not managed to get back to my ideal weight. Being a food blogger really doesn’t help, but I’ve been through all the programs and diets that most…

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  • 497. mango avocado salad

    April 17, 2015mayurisjikoni

    Facebook   Everyday I have the radio on while I am working in the kitchen or when I am exercising. East FM  Kenya is one of my best radio stations. The hindi songs vary from the modern to purana geet. What makes the radio station enjoyable is not just the selection of the songs but also the radio jockeys or hosts. This morning while getting breakfast ready Seema and Aleem the morning hosts, were discussing about Facebook. They have a knack of picking very interesting topics for discussions.  I love listening to them.So the discussion was what people use the Facebook for. Some love advertising what they are doing every minute, some love to bombard people with all sorts of quotes and advises. Some use…

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  • 475. sweet potato, beans and corn wraps

    January 27, 2015mayurisjikoni

     amazing kids   Last Saturday our Lions Club of Mombasa Bahari hosted yet another successful poetry recital competition for children between the ages of  4 to 7.  Please do take some time and visit the website. Poetry recital not only helps a child to develop confidence, but also improves their diction, voice control, helps them to learn new vocabulary, helps with memorization skills and prepares them for public speaking.Like reading, poems too are the mind’s adventure for the children. Reciting and understanding the poems also helps them to pretend and perform actions and expressions accordingly. This year the poems given to the 6 -7 year olds were a bit long, but surprisingly they managed to memorize it within 2 weeks. We tend to underestimate a…

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  • 432. mini taco salad cups

    September 16, 2014mayurisjikoni

    I missed my salads My dream holiday to Italy was worth ever penny. I cannot thank hubby dear enough for organizing the trip. It was the first time we booked the whole tour through Cosmos, and what a wonderful experience. Organized tours have advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages as age creeps up on us. We met people from different cultural backgrounds, different countries and maybe some may develop into friendship.During our daily briefings, everyone complained about having to get up really early, but next day everyone would be on the bus 5 minutes earlier all eager to discover Italy through the eyes of our ever smiling and friendly tour leader and our very capable and careful driver. Italy is all…

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  • 399.Guacamole salad

    June 9, 2014mayurisjikoni

    cook to suit you     How many times have you heard a group of people discussing recipes and each one thinks that the way he or she makes it is the correct way and the rest are wrong? I have heard this conversation umpteen of times and eventually it turns into an argument. This ingredient is not suitable with so and so, that ingredient is a no no in that recipe, etc etc. The truth is that each of us cook to suit our needs, we consider the tastes of each and every member of the family, their likes and dislikes and then accordingly prepare the dish. We come across a lot of recipes these days and the most sensible thing to do is…

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  • 326. Guacamole Egg Sandwich

    September 8, 2013mayurisjikoni

    a meal on its own The first time I tasted avocado in a sandwich was some years back when my son suggested it. Initially,I just looked at him thinking “what avocado in a sandwich”! I allowed him to make the sandwiches for us, not wanting to deter his culinary exploratory journey. The sandwiches were delicious and added a unique flavour and since then avocados feature a lot in the sandwiches whenever they are in the season. For this sandwich I have used eggs and carrot but feel free to use any other fillings of your choice, sweet pepper, fish, chicken, cucumber, tomatoes,onions etc. It was the end of the week meal whereby I had only carrots left in the fridge besides the avocado and eggs. …

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  • 322.egg avocado mayonnaise sandwich

    September 4, 2013mayurisjikoni

    your protein boost Sandwiches are such versatile meals, be it as a light lunch, a quick snack, to go along with some soup or salad or for lunch boxes and picnics. The variety of breads makes sandwich making even more fun. The Ennsvalley breads sold at Nakumatt are not bad at all. Buy slices, buns or french loaves. Sandwiches are made quite often at our home for dinner. Egg and avocado combined is an amazing taste and very refreshing. Today I am going share a recipe using avocado mayonnaise. I didn’t bother to make mayonnaise at home as I have a huge jar of ready made mayonnaise sitting in the fridge. To mask the vinegary taste I added avocado to it and hey presto I…

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  • 307. avocado mushroom pasta salad

    August 6, 2013mayurisjikoni

    yummy lunch   For the past few weeks my husband and I have had to make frequent trips to Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The whole rolling stone effect began when we planned to visit our son in Canada. He has been there for nearly 8 years and we finally thought let’s go and visit him instead of  us meeting up in India or UK as we have done for the past so many years. However, the process of applying for the visas has turned into a gruelling task. The Canadian High Commission called us for the medical examination at their appointed centre, two weeks after we had already made a trip to submit our applications. We spent a whole day there last week…

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  • 302. strawberry and avocado salad

    July 19, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Good music and food go hand in hand While I am blogging this recipe, I am also listening to some very soulful, soothing, upbeat music. You may say so what. But l am listening to Alexandre Desplat, Joshua Radin, Isbells -Elation on Lekha Shastry’s new blog i-heart-beat. She puts a selection of songs together to brighten your day. A while ago I was feeling really low, have had a bad day and decided to blog to take my mind away from all the worldy woos. Then I remembered that Lekha was eagerly waiting for some comment about her blog. I heard Elation by Isbells and felt uplifted instantly. I didn’t realise that the music score from the movie King’s Speech was so soothing and beautiful. I…

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