• 99. theplas

    June 22, 2012mayurisjikoni

    theplas and gujaratis…. My regular followers may think but she has already blogged one thepla recipe. Has she forgotten, has she run out of recipes? Nothing like that my friends. These are normal theplas. The one I had blogged earlier were farari theplas to have on days of fasting. Theplas are a regular feature in most gujarati homes either for breakfast or as a snack with some pickles or as a light dinner or lunch fare with potato curry. I love making theplas because you can use up your leftover rice, pilau, biryani, khichdi. Use up a tiny piece of leftover doodhi, cabbage, or  a bit of leftover mashed potato. Anything goes in the thepla. However, because of the vegetables, rice etc in the thepla,…

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  • 33. ekadashi theplas

    May 2, 2012mayurisjikoni

    thepla with a difference…. thank you Heni     Last November, Manju aunty invited us to her place just for a change of atmosphere. We all were going through a difficult time after the loss of my mum. Unfortunately or fortunately we decided to visit her on ekadashi day. We were suppose to have  lunch at her place. There are not many options to make an ekadashi meal as everything is just full of carbohydrates. However, innovative Heni did come up with some very yummy theplas along with the usual ekadashi fare. They were not greasy at all, very soft and tasted delicious.If any of you have made rajgira puri you know what I am talking about. The theplas were made from farari or ekadashi…

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