• 358. egg chapatti

    January 25, 2014mayurisjikoni

    this is my version Egg chapatti is a very famous street food of Mombasa. Come evening and many streets are lined with the jikos (sigris) and egg chapattis are made on huge tawas along with all sorts of barbarques. The most famous egg chapattis are the ones stuffed with minced meat and eggs and the other is eggs with onions, coriander and chopped chillis. The chapattis are served with cabbage or lettuce salad, hot chilli sauce and tamarind chutney. Hardly an visitor to Mombasa leaves without having sampled the chicken tikka, mishkaki, kebabs and egg chappatis. Most of these eatries are very basic, nothing fancy about them but the food is what attracts the patrons. The most famous one for years has been Abbasi. Since…

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