• 375. Eggless chocolate crepes with strawberries- SFC #5

    February 24, 2014mayurisjikoni

    evil temptation Whenever I would make my signature dish, vegetable crepes, I had to make extra crepes(pronounced as cr+ape) so that the kids could have some dessert too. They loved to spread jam or nutella over the crepes. The Sweet Fantasy Club (started by Preeti of Simply Tadka) challenge for the month of February was eggless chocolate crepe with strawberries. What are crepes? Well they are just like pancakes but much thinner. Its a common street food in France. Creperies sell crepes with all sorts of fillings both sweet and savoury. Crepes can be served in restaurants with coffee or tea. They can be served as an appetizer, main meal or dessert. That’s how versatile crepes are. They can be made from a variety of…

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  • 141. vegetable crepes

    August 9, 2012mayurisjikoni

    my signature dish Everyone is good at making a dish however complicated or simple. This signature dish is what friends and family want you to make. My family and friends love the way I make stuffed vegetable crepes. I first came across the recipe for stuffed crepes years back when I was browsing through my sister’s collection of Bella magazine. The stuffing for the recipe was chicken. So I put on my thinking cap and came up with my famous vegetable crepes. The first time I made it for my family, I had to use eggs for the crepes, but eventually found an eggless crepe recipe so that I could make this wonderful dish for my in-laws. I hope you enjoy this dish just the…

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