• 513. Sheer Khurma

    July 19, 2015mayurisjikoni

    A happy and peaceful Eid    The month long fasting period is over and its time to celebrate Eid. Fasting for a whole month without water and carrying on with ones work and routine is not easy. Hot weather makes fasting that much more harder and I feel bad for the ones fasting in the Western countries. For them the fasting period lasts longer. During the month of Ramadhan, loads of street food is sold for Iftar, samosas, kebabs, juices, mamri, kaimatis, dates etc etc.    One cannot help but get into the festive mood in Mombasa. Shops and malls are decorated, shops are busy and open till late. Delicious food is sent home by Muslim friends and tempting aromas waft through from neighbours homes.…

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  • 273.sweet sev or vermicelli

    May 24, 2013mayurisjikoni

    satisfying my craving Yesterday while I was waiting for hubby dear to get back home for lunch, I suddenly had a craving for something sweet. No chocolates, muffins, ice creams, candies but a craving for some Indian sweet. I think what they say about letting oneself get so hungry that you start craving for sugar is so true. Ajay got stuck with some patients and I was flicking through channels and thinking of some Indian sweet. Shiro, seviyan….no it would take too long to make them. Actually those two do not take up much time but remember I am on a craving high… so anything that would take more than 5 minutes seemed like forever. Suddenly the sugar starved brain flashed,blinked, sweet sev, sweet sev,…

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  • 154. Seviyan

    August 18, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Eid Mubarak Any festival means celebrations with the most scrumptious dishes. For Eid celebration I made some seviyan. Seviyan, vermicelli kheer or mithi sev as most gujaratis would call it can be prepared in different ways. Some roast the nuts and vermicelli , boil the milk and then add the roasted mixture. Wholesome milk, cream, condensed milk, fresh cream are some of the dairy products used for this dish. My recipe is simple and can be made in under 30 minutes. Vermicelli is a type of pasta which is widely used for a variety of dishes right from Italy to China. In India it is known as sev in Gujarati, Seviyan in hindi, semiya in the south. Vermicelli is much thinner than spaghetti. Seviyan is…

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