• 445. Fruit and nut rice kheer

    October 22, 2014mayurisjikoni

    Happy Diwali and a wonderful New Year Diwali festivities are not the same as back in India. However, the Indian community in Mombasa, holds various functions to involve the Hindus during these auspicious days. Rangolis, creativity, fetes, competitions, firework displays, yummy food, poojas and havans. As soon as Navratri gets over everyone begins cleaning the house, getting sweets and savouries ready, shopping for gifts and new clothes. Every year our community Patel Samaj holds a fete. There are various food stalls and games. Most of the people, Hindus and non Hindus come for the yummy food. Papdi no lot, Kachri bateta, Bhel, pani puri, sev puri, dosa, khichdi, pav bhaji,etc. Every year new varieties are added to the list. Other communities hold a dinner during…

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  • 318. samo/moriyo kheer

    August 29, 2013mayurisjikoni

    this tastes good when it is hot Mangoes have disappeared for now and the pawpaws available are not nice. So I was wondering what fruit to add to the humble banana to make a nice yummy fruit salad. Nothing much was available besides apples and grapes. I had no choice but to make nice hot kheer for hubby dear as he too fasted for Janamashtami yesterday. We both like sabudana kheer nice and cold and I had forgotten to make it the previous day. Very early in the morning I remembered having samo kheer as prasadam on Ekadashi day from the Juhu ISKCON temple. Hot kheer with just a touch of cardamom and lots of cashew nuts. So I made samo or moriyo kheer and…

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  • 191. Apple kheer

    October 24, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Happy Dussera Dussera is celebrated with much festivity by all Hindus. Burning of effigies of Ravan, havans, poojas, visarjans etc. Basically its the victory of good over evil. However, for most of us it is an excuse to make something sweet and feast. This Dussera I made kheer with a slight difference. I added grated apple and the kheer turned out delicious. Prashant, don’t worry, did remember you. Hopefully will be able to make it for you when I visit Bangalore.  APPLE KHEER For 4  1litre full fat milk 2 cups of grated apples (2 medium apples) 2 tbsps sugar 2 tbsps condensed milk or  grated mawa (khoya) 2 tbsps of almond and pistachio slivers ½ tsp cardamom powder a few strands of saffron Boil…

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  • 5. sabudana kheer

    January 5, 2012mayurisjikoni

    First Ekadashi for the Year 2012    Ekadashi is the eleventh day of the lunar month in the hindu calendar.Therefore Ekadashi comes twice a month. It is considered a spiritual day by most Hindus and devotees fast on Ekadashi. The fasting varies for individuals, some fast the whole day without water and food, some just eat fruit and some take one meal.  My childhood memories are my grandmother fasting on Ekadashi. My mum would prepare sama or moriyo ni khichdi for her. That would be her lunch and a glass of milk at night. However, we were not allowed to even dip our little fingers in the khichdi to taste it.  After marriage, Ekadashi was a fast normally observed by all. So naturally I also…

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