• 299. chocolate kalakand

    July 12, 2013mayurisjikoni

     a happy Ramadhan month Ramadhan began a few days ago and most of my Muslim friends fast for the whole month. Its really not easy, but they all say that as the days go by, the fasting becomes easier. I don’t know how they do it, as I cannot stay without water. I truly respect them for the discipline and resilience they go through. Yes, I have done karva chauth but that’s only for a day. To bring a bit of  sweetness into their fasting month, I want to share this yummy recipe. Its very easy to make. It took me hardly 15 minutes or so. Before I left for Nairobi during the weekend, I made paneer from the extra milk. I reckoned that paneer…

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  • 256. kalakand

    April 21, 2013mayurisjikoni

    Celebrating Ram Navmi I was suppose to blog yesterday, because it was Ram Navmi but power cuts made this impossible.Ram Navmi is the birthday of Lord Ram, the seventh incarnation of  Lord Vishnu. Ram Navmi is celebrated widely in India and by Hindus all over the world. Different regions of India celebrate it in different ways. Most north Indian states celebrate for 9 days with fasting, Akhand Paath followed by arti and prasad on the final day. Lord Ram is placed in a cot on these days. In the south it is celebrated as the wedding anniversary of Lord Ram and Sita. Swaminarayans celebrate this day as the birthday of Lord Swaminarayan. Whatever the reason, it a festive time for all. The temples in Mombasa…

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