• 481. Ravioli dolci with strawberry sauce

    March 10, 2015mayurisjikoni

    a special treat for a special person    What is ravioli? Its small pasta envelopes that contain a filling and is served with a sauce. We all are familiar with the savoury variety filled with meat, fish, cheese or vegetables and served with tomato, cheese or creamy sauce. Or just drizzled with loads of olive oil or melted butter. I am drooling as I love ravioli. For the February shhh cooking secretly challenge I was paired with Sathya Priya Karthik. The two ingredients she gave me were pasta and strawberry. When I read the two ingredients, I scratched my head and thought ‘not exactly a lovely combination for Valentine’s day’. The first thing that came to my mind was salad. Pasta salad with strawberries. But…

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