• 515. Chickpea flour savoury pancake

    July 23, 2015mayurisjikoni

      sweet memories   The food blogger world for is getting bigger and bigger. Getting to know more bloggers, following many regularly and commenting too. Its amazing how some recipes reminds one of their childhood. It can be a whole recipe, a method or just a single ingredient that can trigger the memory.  One such recipe I came across was zucchini pancake by Shobha of Shobha’s Food Mazaa. As I read the recipe, I immediately thought of my mum. She would make pudlas (chilas) and sweet pudlas often for dinner for the huge family. She would have two tawas on the cooker, and would spread out perfect round pudlas for all of us. My cousin would usually ask her to add an egg in his…

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  • 496. simple scones

    April 15, 2015mayurisjikoni

    first time ever!       When Priya challenged the Home Bakers Challenge group to bake scones, I got excited. Excited because I love scones, because I have so many scone recipes in my recipe book but never tried any and because now I had to bake them! My cousin Jayshree is an expert at baking scones. She baked some during my last visit to London and invited my sister in laws and me to her house for early breakfast…. tea or coffee with scones. She served them with some jam, butter and clotted cream. Took one in my plate, finished it with some hot tea, then had another one. She kept on insisting we have more, but the mind was saying no and the…

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  • 473. caramel custard

    January 25, 2015mayurisjikoni

    32nd anniversary  ‘The bonds of matrimony are like other bonds – they mature slowly’. Peter DeVries          On Friday hubby and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. While you read this, you may want to ask us, how did you celebrate? Where did you go? What present did you get? etc etc. Truthfully we didn’t do anything special as such.I was too busy preparing for the Lions Club poetry recital competition. The first few years of our marriage, my hubby would always forget the anniversary date but my mother in law would remember and make it into a special day. As years went by, kids would remind my hubby that a special day is approaching. Presents, dinner etc was the norm.As we…

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  • 456. Sheermal

    November 24, 2014mayurisjikoni

    An exotic flat bread Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen chose Sheermal for our group We Knead to Bake for the month of November. Had I heard of sheermal before? Yes, but and I had written it down to try it out. I had come across the recipe for sheermal by Tarla Dalal and Sanjeev Kapoor. So when I went through the recipe that Aparna gave us, I was pretty excited Finally I was going to bake Sheermal. In the meantime other members had already baked it and shared a few of their experiences. Most of sheermal photos sent to our facebook page looked so perfect, delicious, well baked and rich. I made mine today. I must admit that I had totally forgotten that we had to…

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  • 450. banana walnut bread (with eggs)

    November 4, 2014mayurisjikoni

    soft and spongy    I bought some bananas on Sunday and by Monday some of them were over ripe. Its the heat ! Over ripe bananas and muffins, cake, bread is all I can think of. Initially, I just wanted to peel the bananas and freeze them for future use. The idea of the hot oven heating up the kitchen wasn’t too appealing. However temptation of baking was greater than the feeling of avoiding the heat.    This is one of the first breads I had learnt how to bake when I was barely 21. I got the recipe from my mother in law’s friend. I tried it the first time and it was a hit. After that have baked it so many times. I…

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  • 403. peas and egg pulao

    June 18, 2014mayurisjikoni

    a special pulao     When my mum would make peas pulao, sometimes she would boil some eggs and add to the pulao as a special treat for the kids of the family. It would be a wholesome meal for us. My mum had never ever tasted eggs and had never seen cooked eggs in her village in India till she came to Kenya. Nowadays eggs are widely eaten all over India. Some families may not eat meat but eggs are consumed as a source of protein.   I made this pulao a few days ago and its an excellent dish for all the football fans. Make the pulao and serve later. Till then let the flavours infuse into the rice dish. Add vegetables of…

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  • 358. egg chapatti

    January 25, 2014mayurisjikoni

    this is my version Egg chapatti is a very famous street food of Mombasa. Come evening and many streets are lined with the jikos (sigris) and egg chapattis are made on huge tawas along with all sorts of barbarques. The most famous egg chapattis are the ones stuffed with minced meat and eggs and the other is eggs with onions, coriander and chopped chillis. The chapattis are served with cabbage or lettuce salad, hot chilli sauce and tamarind chutney. Hardly an visitor to Mombasa leaves without having sampled the chicken tikka, mishkaki, kebabs and egg chappatis. Most of these eatries are very basic, nothing fancy about them but the food is what attracts the patrons. The most famous one for years has been Abbasi. Since…

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  • 355. spinach corn quiche

    January 22, 2014mayurisjikoni

    made in a jiffy   Usually, making lunch is not a problem as I stick to dal, sabzi, roti 4 times a week with something different twice a week and Sunday lunch is usually out. So the whole week is sorted out but dinners can become a bit of a problem when I am not making soup and salad. Recently I landed up with loads of spinach (went mad at the veggie market last Tuesday) and so it was a week of spinach with practically everything. I had made crustless quiche when I was in Montreal. Made it again several times, but this time instead of baking it in a big dish, I made individual portions by using muffin cups and my, they turned out…

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  • 326. Guacamole Egg Sandwich

    September 8, 2013mayurisjikoni

    a meal on its own The first time I tasted avocado in a sandwich was some years back when my son suggested it. Initially,I just looked at him thinking “what avocado in a sandwich”! I allowed him to make the sandwiches for us, not wanting to deter his culinary exploratory journey. The sandwiches were delicious and added a unique flavour and since then avocados feature a lot in the sandwiches whenever they are in the season. For this sandwich I have used eggs and carrot but feel free to use any other fillings of your choice, sweet pepper, fish, chicken, cucumber, tomatoes,onions etc. It was the end of the week meal whereby I had only carrots left in the fridge besides the avocado and eggs. …

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  • 322.egg avocado mayonnaise sandwich

    September 4, 2013mayurisjikoni

    your protein boost Sandwiches are such versatile meals, be it as a light lunch, a quick snack, to go along with some soup or salad or for lunch boxes and picnics. The variety of breads makes sandwich making even more fun. The Ennsvalley breads sold at Nakumatt are not bad at all. Buy slices, buns or french loaves. Sandwiches are made quite often at our home for dinner. Egg and avocado combined is an amazing taste and very refreshing. Today I am going share a recipe using avocado mayonnaise. I didn’t bother to make mayonnaise at home as I have a huge jar of ready made mayonnaise sitting in the fridge. To mask the vinegary taste I added avocado to it and hey presto I…

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