• 656.Veggie Flautas

    June 12, 2017mayurisjikoni

    Musical Food? Theme: Explore Latin American Cuisine BM#77 Week 2 Day 3 I tried really hard to avoid Mexican Food for the above theme. I wanted to try something different but sourcing some of the ingredients was proving to be a task. I wanted to make arepas but getting some pre cooked white corn meal was difficult. The staple diet in Kenya is ugali made from white corn meal or flour but the corn is not pre cooked before it is ground. While I was doing some research on the Latin American Cuisine, (which by the way is so similar and may vary in small degrees, depending on which country it is from) I came across Flautas. What attracted me to the recipe was the…

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  • 156. Veg tacos

    August 19, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Niku loves this Many homes cook so many different cuisines that sometimes the original recipe is lost and an adaptation is made to suit the tastes of individuals and families. The first time I ever made tacos was with my kaki and we followed Tarla Dalal’s recipe to the last dot. In her original recipe there is a green tomato sauce. Plans of making tacos revolved around the availability of the green tomatoes. Of course after so many years, green tomatoes have gone out of the window and I make my own version of veg tacos. Instead of salsa I make a wholesome salad. That was a tricky but clever way to get my young kids to eat salad. Usually the tacos are made from…

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  • 153. veg enchiladas

    August 17, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Mexican fusion Enchiladas is a mexican dish made of tortilla and stuffed with any sort of filling right from meat to vegetables. Originally made of corn tortilla, which is  a flat round bread much like a chappati was rolled around a meat or fish. Over the years it has been made in  lots of ways with different sauces, toppings and fillings. The first time I had enchiladas was at my cousin Sailubhai’s house years back. Chandrabhabhi had made them when she invited us for dinner. Since then I have made enchiladas using ingredients available at local market. Use any filling and sauce to make these yummy and filling delights. I have to make the tortillas at home as we do not get ready made ones…

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