• 536. Tiger bread rolls/ Dutch crunch rolls

    January 18, 2016mayurisjikoni

    Tiger, tiger burning bright Remember reciting this poem by William Blake when you were in school? I just couldn’t help trying to remember the lines while I was baking this bread. I had to google the poem and check out the correct lines. Still can’t remember the lines. It probably means my brains too are getting old 🙂 So lets come to the actual bread. I saw this mottled topped bread at Nakumatt  and was really fascinated by the effect. Bought the rolls and they tasted like just any other ordinary rolls. Then one fine day I stumbled upon the recipe and actual name of the bread… tiger bread or Dutch Crunch Bread. I wonder why its called tiger bread since there are no stripes…

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  • Tofu Salad

    March 2, 2014mayurisjikoni

    Updated Post: 08/05/2020 What is Tofu? Tofu is prepared from coagulated soy milk.  The coagulated white solid mass is pressed much like any cheese or paneer to remove excess water. Depending on the process, tofu can be firm, soft or silken.  It is believed that Tofu originates from China. It was accidentally discovered about 2000 years ago by a Chinese cook. He mixed a batch of fresh soy milk with nigari. Nigari is what is left when salt is removed from seaweeds. Nigari is used to coagulate soy milk as it helps to solidify the tofu and keep it firm. Also known as bean curd, some believe that tofu is not good for health while there are some who swear by it as a rich…

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