• Passion Fruit Sauce

    June 19, 2018mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: BLOGGING MARATHON #89 WEEK 3 DAY 3 THEME: CONDIMENTS ON THE SIDE Another passion fruit condiment you may think and no I didn’t get a sackful of passion fruit. I made this sauce to take for my son. As you read along, you’ll get to know how versatile this sauce is. Passion fruit, passionfruit, grenadille as the the fruit is called, grows on vines. The fruit can be yellow or dark purple. The pulp will be either light yellow to dark orange. There are two main types of passion fruits, the sour and tangy ones or the sweet ones. The pulp of the sweet ones is usually light grey in colour. Kenya grows all three varieties of passion fruit in abundance. While modern chefs…

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  • Passion Fruit Hot Sauce

    June 18, 2018mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: BLOGGING MARATHON #89 – WEEK 3 DAY 2 THEME: CONDIMENTS ON THE SIDE Whenever I’m going to visit my kids, or for that matter any of my family members, I tend to carry food stuff for them. Be it cookies, cakes, pickles, snacks, nuts, condiments, tea or coffee…the list is endless. When my relatives come down to Mombasa, they bring lots of food stuff for me. I use to think that its only Indians who travel to any corner of the world with half their suitcase full of food stuff. Its only when bags open at the airports you realize that everyone, literally everyone travels with food stuff for their friends and families. OK, I rest my case, the younger lot, though they will…

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  • 645. Tzatziki

    May 15, 2017mayurisjikoni

    Where is my dahi?     Dahi is the hindi/gujarati word for yogurt. When my kids were growing up, yogurt was a part of their meal every single day. Plain yogurt or made into lassi but mostly good old plain home made yogurt . Dollops of the thick creamy goodness was eaten with dals, rice, khichdi and vegetable curry.If anything was slightly chilli for the kids a dollop of yogurt took care of it. While the boys were not too fussed about yogurt or lassi, my daughter on the other hand would throw a tantrum if she didn’t have her bowl of yogurt for lunch.She’d cry out “where is my dahi?” if we didn’t serve it with her lunch.    As you may have guessed…

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  • 416. Lebkuchen and Chimichurri

    July 13, 2014mayurisjikoni

    World Cup finals BBC world news   For so many days I had pages open on my ipad researching vegetarian cuisines from Brazil, France, Germany, Costa Rica, Argentina, Netherlands, Belgium, Chile, etc. The search was narrowed down to Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Argentina.Unfortunately Brazil suffered a humiliating defeat in both the hands of the German and Dutch team. So today the finals will be played between Germany and Argentina. I must admit I didn’t watch the matches from the beginning, I usually wait for the quarter finals to get a bit excited. It has not been easy staying up till late watching football. What got me through, was the anticipation of that one or more goal. The most exciting game has to be the one…

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  • Tomato Salsa

    June 18, 2013mayurisjikoni

    It is interesting how Mexican and Indian Cuisine resemble in some ways. Take the basic tomato salsa, Indian cuisine has its version in the form of chutneys, either as a coarse or smooth paste. The first time I tasted salsa was in UK  when I visited my sister. They had just been on a holiday to US and her husband brought back a huge bottle of salsa. Though I found it a bit vinegary, it tasted good with crisp (chips). So what is Salsa? Salsa is usually a tomato based sauce or dip with added ingredients like onion, garlic, cilantro and jalapeño. The sauce or tip can be mild to hot. The sauce or dip can be coarse or smooth.  Depending on the dish its…

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  • 228. red chilli sauce

    February 14, 2013mayurisjikoni

    tickle your tongue Whenever I use to make a Chinese meal for my family, we always had to have the famous red chilli sauce to go with everything from spring rolls to the rice. The red chilli sauce became quite famous as it started appearing on the table for other snacks right from dokhras to pudlas. My husband and I rarely have the red chilli sauce at home and I can’t remember the last time I actually prepared a whole Chinese meal at home. Whenever we feel like having Chinese we go to the famous Galaxy Restaurant. I miss the Chinese restaurants in India. Anyway getting back to the red chilli sauce, I use a teeny weeny bit of it to spice up soups, mix…

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  • 54. red tangy sauce

    May 19, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Strawberries feature a lot in desserts. Whole, cut or pureed. The taste of strawberries can range from sweetness to slightly acidic. Orginally grown only in Europe, nowadays strawberries are grown all over the world. Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C. It also contains Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A and minerals like potassium, manganese, copper, iron, fluorine and iodine. When I was in Bangalore in March this year, I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy loads of nice juicy strawberries to eat on its own or for desserts. In India strawberries are mainly grown in Mahabaleshwar. The first time I saw them some years back in the Juhu market I thought they were imported, but the fruit vendor assured me they were very much…

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  • 40. Spaghetti with vegetable sauce

    May 11, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Vegetarian ‘bolognese’ sauce All you vegetarian out there, have you ever noticed how limited your choice of a sauce with pasta gets when you go to a restaurant? When a non vegetarian orders spaghetti or any other pasta with a sauce, the sauce is rich not only with tomatoes and meat but also vegetables. So how difficult is it for the chef to make a simple tomato vegetable sauce or a white sauce with vegetables? Not too difficult but all you get served is a plain white sauce or a plain tomato sauce with the pasta. How boring. I love spaghetti and make my own ‘bolognese’ sauce at home sans the meat. I am not out to insult the fine italian chefs but just trying…

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