• 507. orange and cinnamon swirl bread

    May 24, 2015mayurisjikoni

    lovely combination       For the month of May, the We Knead to Bake group had to bake an orange and cinnamon swirl bread. The combination of orange and cinnamon is absolutely heavenly. While I was baking this bread, the kitchen was filled with wonderful aroma of both the combinations. The original recipe used apricot preserve. I couldn’t find any apricot preserve in the supermarket and we don’t get apricots so I decided to first make orange marmalade and used that as the filling. This recipe finally got me to make marmalade which I had wanted to d for a long time but never seem get down to it. I thought it would be difficult but actually its very easy. I baked an eggless…

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  • 506. orange marmalade

    May 21, 2015mayurisjikoni

    Little Joys      Every time I log off from my hotmail account, the MSN new page appears. Its an interesting mixture of news, quirky happenings, lifestyle, finance, home etc. A whole package to take care of what interests you. Yesterday I read an article on what things kids of these days miss out on because of technology. Very interesting and I remember there was joy and a sense of achievement too when we used these things because that’s all we had. For example, kids of today probably wouldn’t know how to use a directory. Remember when we had to browse through the phone book to find contact numbers? I remember just for fun we use to see how many Patels were listed in the…

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