• 656.Veggie Flautas

    June 12, 2017mayurisjikoni

    Musical Food? Theme: Explore Latin American Cuisine BM#77 Week 2 Day 3 I tried really hard to avoid Mexican Food for the above theme. I wanted to try something different but sourcing some of the ingredients was proving to be a task. I wanted to make arepas but getting some pre cooked white corn meal was difficult. The staple diet in Kenya is ugali made from white corn meal or flour but the corn is not pre cooked before it is ground. While I was doing some research on the Latin American Cuisine, (which by the way is so similar and may vary in small degrees, depending on which country it is from) I came across Flautas. What attracted me to the recipe was the…

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  • 585. Burrito Bowl Salad

    August 29, 2016mayurisjikoni

    A Healthy Way of Life Women constantly have to worry about weight issues. How many times have you heard men discussing about their weight problems? The world’s general conception of a perfect figure, ideal weight, right curves in the right places for women is colossal. Men seem to just lead a happy, eat all you can sort of life without any issues. Not saying that there are no obese men, there are many with this fast pace and fast food era that we are living in. I’ve battled with weight issues ever since I delivered my twins. Have not managed to get back to my ideal weight. Being a food blogger really doesn’t help, but I’ve been through all the programs and diets that most…

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  • 504. Mexican Bhel

    May 15, 2015mayurisjikoni

    Floods everywhere These days the news is mostly on the floods in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya and how people are getting to work and back home. Traffic delays, flooded main roads, water in homes, power station shut down because it gets flooded, resulting in some areas going without power for hours or even days. Everyone is busy blaming the County. While that is true that the county did not prepare for the rains by cleaning out the drainage, its our fault too. Rubbish which includes plastic bags, plastic bottles, paper, cigarette boxes, food packages etc are all thrown mindlessly on the roads and the roadside. So many times I have seen hawkers leaving dirty and used plastic bags on the roadside, people having…

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  • 326. Guacamole Egg Sandwich

    September 8, 2013mayurisjikoni

    a meal on its own The first time I tasted avocado in a sandwich was some years back when my son suggested it. Initially,I just looked at him thinking “what avocado in a sandwich”! I allowed him to make the sandwiches for us, not wanting to deter his culinary exploratory journey. The sandwiches were delicious and added a unique flavour and since then avocados feature a lot in the sandwiches whenever they are in the season. For this sandwich I have used eggs and carrot but feel free to use any other fillings of your choice, sweet pepper, fish, chicken, cucumber, tomatoes,onions etc. It was the end of the week meal whereby I had only carrots left in the fridge besides the avocado and eggs. …

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  • 153. veg enchiladas

    August 17, 2012mayurisjikoni

    Mexican fusion Enchiladas is a mexican dish made of tortilla and stuffed with any sort of filling right from meat to vegetables. Originally made of corn tortilla, which is  a flat round bread much like a chappati was rolled around a meat or fish. Over the years it has been made in  lots of ways with different sauces, toppings and fillings. The first time I had enchiladas was at my cousin Sailubhai’s house years back. Chandrabhabhi had made them when she invited us for dinner. Since then I have made enchiladas using ingredients available at local market. Use any filling and sauce to make these yummy and filling delights. I have to make the tortillas at home as we do not get ready made ones…

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