• Coffee and Walnut Cake

    May 4, 2020mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: FOODIEMONDAY/BLOGHOP THEME: #245 LOVE FOR COFFEE The theme name is so apt when it comes to hubby and me, as we both love coffee. Having said that, I’m a little surprised that I really don’t have that many recipes on the blog where I’ve used coffee powder or granules as an ingredient. However, that has been taken care of to some degree with the coffee and walnut cake that I prepared for the theme.   FoodieMonday/Bloghop Theme Before I get into the whole coffee story a reminder that the FoodieMonday/ Bloghop group members decide on a theme and post a new recipe every Monday. For this week Sasmita who blogs at First Timer Cook suggested that we use Coffee to make our dishes. General…

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  • Coffee and Coconut Fat Bomb

    April 16, 2018mayurisjikoni

    A fad or essential?    I know a number of people who follow the ketogenic diet or the keto diet. They’ve been requesting me add some keto friendly recipes to my collection. I’ve resisted so far as I just cannot get use to the idea that eating fat is good. Here for years its been drummed into our heads that fat is bad so we all have been trying to cook with minimum amount of oil, eat dry toast without butter, air fry snacks, bake instead of fry and what not.    For those on a keto diet sugar is absolutely out including the natural ones like honey and maple syrup. Carbohydrate consumption at a bare minimum, fill your tummy with protein and fat. Once…

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  • 728. Pumpkin Spice Latte

    November 27, 2017mayurisjikoni

    COLD DAYS = SPICY DRINKS      Bangalore cannot make up its mind weather wise. Its cold sometimes and hot over days. We are in the winter month and its not as cold as it used to get some years back. However, I’m not really complaining as I’m enjoying the weather. Yesterday was one of those chilly days and just the right time to have a hot comforting drink. Usually a hot cup of spicy tea does the trick. However, I made Pumpkin Spice Latte to ward off the cold. A hot drink cupped in our hands and watching a ‘girlie movie’ was a Sunday well spent.    The coldest weather I’ve ever experienced is 0°C in Chandigarh and at Lake Louise, Alberta. Both experiences were totally…

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  • 372. homemade cold coffee

    February 18, 2014mayurisjikoni

    a cooling indulgence   Valentine’s Day was a bit hot and hubby dear was expecting to find iced tea, cold fresh juice or something cool in the fridge. He didn’t find anything so I asked him to have a cold glass of Ribena. He didn’t want to have that so I thought of nimbu pani. He didn’t want that too. Its amazing how some people love to beat around the bush when they have something specific in their minds and cannot speak it out forthright. The conversations went towards all deviations but the direct path…. “It’s been so long since we have had that nice cooling cold coffee, home made, not the ones we find at cafes, watery and with blobs of cream. Ummm I…

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  • 354.Coffee cinnamon churros – SFC # 4

    January 22, 2014mayurisjikoni

    Finally had to use an icing bag!      Our Sweet Fantasy Club #4 challenge for the dessert was churros. When I read the word, I thought, gosh never heard of churros.Research began on the internet. I asked my daughter if she had ever tasted them and she just went yummy and asked “when are you making them?” However, I didn’t get the time to make them in Bangalore. I made them yesterday (totally am losing track of time). The first challenge was handling the icing bag. My son bought it for me from Dubai but I have never bothered to ice cakes or muffins with it. I prefer using an icing tube. My churros is the basic recipe provided by Preeti of Simply Tadka…

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  • 257. eggless coffee and cream muffins

    April 21, 2013mayurisjikoni

    three birthdays on the same day A very happy birthday to my little sister Sapna, to my niece Pooja and nephew Sheel. So easy to remember… one day. Hope you guys had a whale of a time. This gave me an opportunity to try out my eggless coffee muffins. Sapna loves her coffee so coffee muffins it had to be. Though you 3 would have to travel all the way to Mombasa to try them out. Still a few left so hurry. They actually tasted better today, as now  we can actually  taste the coffee. Ajay made a lovely mug of coffee to go with the muffins…. typical indian style of coffee… nice and milky! I loved it. With fresh cream on top, its a…

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  • 148. Eggless Brownies

    August 15, 2012mayurisjikoni

     Happy birthday Prina dear!            I know Prina’s birthday was on 11th of August and I also know she doesn’t like cakes. Its amazing how she will always insist on having a cake for her birthday but she wouldn’t eat any. However there a still a lot of things she is finicky about eating or even trying and some of her favourite things neither will I taste or make them…. chicken being one of them. Where vegetarian meals are concerned her favourite is suva or palak bhaji nu shaak and rotli. Perhaps at some stage will even blog her favourite shaak so that all her young cousins and aunts will learn how to make it. So as I had mentioned earlier,…

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  • Biscuit Pudding

    June 1, 2012mayurisjikoni

    EVENT: FOODIES_ REDOING OLD POSTS #26 Updated on 29/05/2020 For this event, Foodies_Redoing Old Posts my 26th re done recipe is an all time family favourite – biscuit pudding. What is the group Foodies _Redoing Old Posts all about? Before discussing what the family favourite is, lets me explain a bit about this group. Updating posts with better photos or better write up or both is  what the group Foodies_Redoing Old Posts started by Renu allows us to do. The advantage of rewriting the post in a better manner makes it more SEO friendly and good photos is what attracts your fans to check out the recipe. This group allows to stay focused on updating old posts as my previous photos are really bad. I’ve…

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